A Most Important Make: A New Addition

A Most Important Make: A New Addition

If you are a reader of this blog you may recall that recently I have been off ill, and this blog has perhaps rested a little whilst I have recovered. It was frustrating being off work for eight weeks and not being able to recuperate through gentle creative activity. Instead fatigue, dizziness and sickness set me into a cycle of sleep and simply trying to achieve simple things like showering and managing to eat.

In the final week or so of my time off, however, a few of my symptoms seemed to ease off and I was able for the first time to do something, which was a good test of myself as I tried to get myself ready for tackling full days of work at the office. So, I could have done a bit of simple embroidery, or a small bit of portable knitting, perhaps. but no, I decided to learn how to quilt. Because I am an idiot.

I decided to make a small quilt to start with, so purchased a pack of 42 five-inch squares (a charm pack, I have learned these are referred to as), in the collection ‘Moda Lakeside Gatherings’. It’s a collection of neutrals, greys, navy shades and just a little touch of yellow. Many of the very small prints contain pictures of anchors, waves, and impressions of seagulls for a slightly beach-front nautical theme.

I bought the charm squares as I thought the small size would give me a starting point and so in putting them together I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the size, and therefore I decided to make a baby quilt/cot sized quilt. I had initially planned to simply join the squares together, but then decided to try triangles, because I like to make things that bit more fiddly and difficult. The real challenge came in deciding how to lay out and arrange each of the triangles.

I eventually settled on the diagonal lines design as I preferred the simpler overall look, though I did also enjoy the graphic style of the idea on the left. I added some simple sashing strips to lighten the overall look of the quilt and because I figured they might be a bit more forgiving if things weren’t perfectly aligned on my first attempt at patchwork.
The quilt is not yet finished as I have run out of quilting/top-stitching thread whilst actually sewing the layers together, and it will also need binding adding, but starting a new project, taking up learning a new skill just helped push me in the direction of getting back to health and back to work, and hopefully will be a good accompaniment to the most important Work In Progress that I have undertaken.


There is still a long way to go, but hopefully all of the fainting, low blood pressure, days and days of sickness and tears will all have been for the most amazing of reasons. As some readers may know, there were many reasons why I never thought I’d ever write this post and many reasons why doctors never thought I’d ever have this picture, and there is still a long road to travel. At the moment I am taking extra special care of myself for a very good reason. If I am a bit quiet for a spell of time I may just be a bit short on energy, because the first 14 weeks kind of knocked me sideways, but the last two or three have seen me improving bit by bit and now I feel quite a bit better, and the little flutters inside make me think of bootees, little cardigans and tiny hats every day, as well as where this finished quilt will find its home and new owner.

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