A Fitting Tee

A Fitting Tee

Mr Awesome bought me a t-shirt for Christmas that I loved. My favourite book is Alice In Wonderland and my favourite painting is Van Gogh’s Starry night. He had found a t-shirt that featured Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole surrounded by all the characters and objects of her reverie, all caught up in Vincent’s swirling clouds and colours of the night sky.
It was perfect, but for the fit. He had bought the T-shirt from the US and after waiting a very long time to arrive it appeared that they sent a mens tee rather than one fitted for a woman, so it was far too big and the sleeves looked ridiculous on me. It had been too late to send it back before Christmas to get a replacement, but it was clear that lining it up against even my largest t-shirt that the fit wasn’t right for me.
A major part of what made it so ill-fitting was the sleeves, which across my shoulders and with the added length brought them to a point past my elbows.

By the time it was posted back it would have taken so long and been such a pain with postage that it mean that the more practical solution would be to either consign it to lounging around and cleaning wear, or try to make it fit a bit better. I didn’t want to not be able to show the t-shirt off, so I decided to take the plunge and try to alter it.

It really didn’t take long to re-fashion the t-shirt into a far more feminine, wearable shape that suited and flattered me. I re-shaped the body, took a lot out of the shoulder length, re-cut and fit the sleeves and took the hem up a fair old degree to a length that didn’t make me look swamped in fabric.
I’m working on writing up a simple tutorial on how to add shape and fit to ill-fitting t-shirts that should be available in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully it will help to freshen up a few old tees ready for summer – you could even ask to pinch a few of your partner’s/dad’s/brother’s if they have any particularly cool ones!

7 thoughts on “A Fitting Tee”

  • Wow! I really need to learn how to use my sewing machine. I’d never thought that this was possible. I’ve sent t-shirts I really like to the charity shop because they just didn’t fit properly. Looking forward to the tutorial (and Mr Awesome really does deserve that name!)

  • KudSo to you. The “new” shirt will fit you like a glove. I like how you made it work and I’m eager to see your tutorial.

  • You are so clever and resourceful. What was your T-shirt made of – 100% cotton or cotton-elastane or some other blend? I am asking because I am wondering how to manage the stretchier T-shirt ; e.g. which needle and stitches to use etc. and whether it is a job for an overlocker (which I don’t own…yet). Thanking you in advance for your generosity of sharing your skills with a tutorial. I look forward to that. Meanwhile, your finished T-shirt looks great and much more balanced with the positioning of the motif in relation to your new hem. Good job!

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