Narwhal & Whale: A Duo Of Ocean Friends To Knit

Narwhal & Whale: A Duo Of Ocean Friends To Knit

A pattern for two new ocean friends is available to download from today, for anyone wanting to cuddle a narwhal or snuggle up to a whale.
The Whale and Narwhal are knit to the same body plan, the pattern beginning at the head and moving down the body in a single piece to the pleasing flukes of the tail.

Only the flippers and narwhal’s tusk are added after the main body is complete, meaning that there is very minimal sewing involved, making this an un-fiddly, high reward project. And you get a narwhal and whale to play with, and surely that’s all the convincing you need?
The samples are both knit in Sublime’s Lustrous Extra Fine Merino DK yarn on 3.5mm needles, and resulted in a Narwhal that measures 30cm (12″) from tusk to tail, but this pair of sea-dwelling friends can be knit from any smooth (non-‘novelty’) yarn  of any weight; a bulkier yarn will result in a larger friend and fine yarns will result in a more pocket-sized companion. It’s recommended that needles 1-2 sizes smaller than those recommended for the yarn are used to produce a dense knitted fabric that the stuffing will not show through. Because of the flexibility of the pattern in this respect, this is a great stash-buster for using up those odd skeins and balls of yarn that you are unsure of what to do with.

Tips are given as to different types of eyes that can be used (whether you are using beads, embroidered eyes, felt eyes (as in the sample) or ‘safety’ eyes, and their best application). Placement for all features is also provided as a guide.

The downloadable patterns for both the whale and the narwhal are included in a single, easy to follow PDF.

NOTE: Due to changes in VAT laws in the EU, EU pattern sales are now being processed through Ravelry & Loveknitting partnership. The checkout process remains the same.

Yarn weight: Any (designed for any gauge, sample is knit in DK weight yarn)
Gauge:Any (designed for any gauge, sample has gauge of 24sts per 10cm/4″)
Needle size:Use needles 1-2 sizes smaller than those recommended for yarn (sample is knit with 3.5mm needles)
Yardage: 80-90yards (75-80m) used for sample size
Sizes available: Dependant on yarn choice. Sample narwhal is 30cm,/12″ from tusk to tail.
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Many thanks and happy knitting!


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