Hello, Goodbye – An Introspective Retrospective

Hello, Goodbye – An Introspective Retrospective

I don’t usually write New Year posts, mostly because I’m still not sure of myself looking backwards or forwards. Joy, sadness, hope and expectation can all feel a bit of a muddle from time to time, but I have a bit to catch up on.

December was pretty much entirely a wash-out as far as any acts of creativity were concerned. I got so bogged down in my job that I came home every single night last month weighed down by facts, figures and stress. I have not picked up my knitting needles for nearly two months and have not sewn a single stitch. The work/life balance started to tip towards work once again and took the whole quote of energy for home life and creativity with it. It was not a good time and, if I am honest, ruined both Christmas and my birthday, which falls on December 20th.

But people always make for the best of things, so with the care of Mr Awesome, a couple of close friends and family, there were definitely a few sparkling moments to the very end of the year that hopefully will stop the dampening of what has been, overall, an amazing twelve months. Most importantly, I married Russell.

This will forever be the most important day of my life. Sometimes when things get me down I have to try to remember that someone has promised to love me for the rest of my life, and that this will give me some protection from the world.

Some while ago a commenter on the blog mentioned that I had not put up any of my wedding pictures ( I think one or two may have found them into posts, but I neither thought that anyone would be interested in seeing them nor could find a way of bringing them into the content), but looking back on 2014 seems as good a time as any.

I wore a simple dress without too much fuss. Several people asked if I made my dress, but I think the task would probably have been far too stressful.

The day was colourful and full of magic, and romance.

A wedding surrounds you with the people who you care most about and who, hopefully, care most about you. The wedding party were wonderful. Russell’s brother as best man, a creative and kind friend as my maid of honour and a wonderful, dear and loving friend who gave me away.

And so it happens that some of the most thoughtful and most treasured gifts of the recent winter season of birthday and Christmas celebrations have all come from the people within this photo. Obviously Mr Awesome rocked the awesome in his usual awesome style, with a rainbow of fibre to spin among other treats which I will share in the coming weeks), but I received the most beautiful handmade card from my maid of honour (which I took a photo of today but shall have to do again as the failing light simply didn’t do it justice.

The following two amazing squishy things were from my dear friend and younger-than-me father of the bride:

As many of you will know, the quickest way to my heart is via Zauberball, and this Zauberball in Blackberries and Crazy Zauberball in Little fox are both so gorgeous that I made a squeaking noise.

And then opening my gifts from Brother-in-law of awesome and Mrs Brother-in-law of awesome out popped this:
A crazy Zauberball in Schokoladenseite. I really have high hopes for these yarns beyond their obvious use as a base material for knitting. As I said in the first few lines, the past month has taken a toll on that part of my life which I like to think defines me outside of my responsibilities and job, but I haven’t knit a single stitch in over six weeks. I haven’t sewn a length of thread, drawn, designed or otherwise created a single thing recently, as I have come home with my head full of work and have felt like I can do no more than curl back into a ball and hope that the strains just draw back enough to let me sleep a little.

I hope that a combination of the care and loved ones and the beautiful things that I now have to enjoy help re-kindle the creativity as we move into the new year, and I hope that you’ll continue to read along as they do.

Wishing all readers a very Happy New Year x x x

8 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye – An Introspective Retrospective”

  • I hope you feel better soon. I sometimes think the lack of light we get up here in the winter can sap your energy but those Zauberballs are gorgeous enough to bring light to a dark time.

    Thank you for sharing your wedding photos. You both look so happy that you’re glowing x

  • Hope you feel better soon. Don’t forget about the post wedding stress. It is a fantastic, joyful event, but ranks very high on the stress factor, and it is not unusual to find yourself exhausted for a while after it. I remember it took me six months to get my energy level back after my wedding. So hang in there, your knitting mojo will come back. No doubt these beautiful gifts will help.

  • I think everyone has these types of feelings from time to time. As with all of life, change is the only thing to count on, so hopefully a more creative mood will soon arrive. Thanks for sharing photos of your Zauberballs. My DH shopped my wishlist and Santa delivered some lovely Malabrigo. 😀 (sjn821 on Rav) PS – Thanks for sharing a few wedding photos; they are absolutely beautiful!

  • That dress is perfect for your figure, you looked beautiful (and Mr Awesome scrubs up quite well too!)
    When you feel like you want to curl into a ball on the sofa, imagine you are curling into one of those gorgeous Zauberballs, and surround your thoughts in a lovely halo of colour.

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