Winter Warmth Through Knitting

Winter Warmth Through Knitting

Last week was a bit quiet on the Eskimimi Makes, though I myself happened to be in a gentle flurry activity. We had booked a week off work which we were invited to spend with Grandma and Grandad Awesome, always a very welcome invitation where we feel warm, cosy and loved, both from the care and smiles of our wonderful grandparents and from the occasional glass of whiskey served in the early hours.

A visit to Grimsby to see relations always brings about many hours of comfortable conversation, where we sit and talk, catch up and sometimes put the world to rights, and all the while I like to knit. So, the evening before we set off on the road trip to begin our holiday I took to finding a couple of yarns for a project that was at that time still only a concept that was floating around my imagination.

The cold and increasingly long evenings brought to mind the need for the most basic needs of warmth and the essence of ember flames, and this Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball in the warm rust-red and orange hues of the Gebrannte colourway was a fantastic place to start.
I also looked for a contract shade to accompany this, something to provide a contrast to lift the knitting slightly, but one that would still suggest warmth in the finished project. I decided on a simple solid yellow yarn and pulled a couple of small skeins of Lang Jawoll Superwash Solids in ‘Custard’ from the stash.

I cast on during the car journey, and though I am not normally the most comfortable of travel-knitters (motion sickness being a particular affliction of mine) the simplicity of the design I had cast in my imagination was such that I did not really have to look at my knitting that often and could instead turn my attention to the unfolding countryside as Mr Awesome drove us onwards.

The same simple knitting kept my hands occupied through many hours of conversation, and as I returned home I was only a few rows off finishing. After just a short amount of work more I shall have the new project bound off and blocking, and assuming all goes well there will be a new pattern released very soon.

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