A Mounting Pile Of Sashiko Stitched Squares

A Mounting Pile Of Sashiko Stitched Squares

After I had finished my first Sashiko embroidered square I was undecided as to whether I wanted to make a small project with the finished sampler (almost certainly a cushion) or to perhaps work some further pieces to eventually join them together for a much lager finished piece.
After some experimentation with Sashiko embroidery on polymer clay for the Sashiko necklace I realised that I was missing the quiet pace of working the simple running stitches in one direction at a time, watching the patterns build to a beautiful finished piece of embroidery.

Though most of my time has been given over to my new shawl design over the past couple of weeks I have still found time to work on and complete a second Sashiko sampler in white thread on an indigo dyed cloth and am well on the way to completing a third, this time in a lighter blue thread on white fabric.

I hope to complete a few more Sashiko samplers (I have two more lined up for stitching) and perhaps patch them with other squares of fabric: some or all of which I may look to embroidering or embellishing in some manner. Hopefully as long as I can maintain a similarity in the weight and fibre content of the squares and make sure that all are pre-shrunk before assembling I should be able to make something beautiful that I will want to own forever.

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