New Pattern, Tutorial And Free Downloads Pages Launched

New Pattern, Tutorial And Free Downloads Pages Launched

I’m very pleased to say that the most visited pages on Eskimimi Makes have been treated to an overdue redesign to help readers and visitors access the content they are looking for and to find new content that they may be interested in far more easily.

The Knitting Patterns page has been given a complete re-design with larger pictures and greater room for content, but the greatest change here is in the way the content is sorted. In the blue menu bar the content is sorted into categories. In the screenshot above the browser is looking at all of the hat patterns, but along the blue menu bar you can navigate between Sock patterns, patterns for Scarves & Shawls, Mittens, some appropriately named ‘Awesome’ patterns, eBook collections and my Free Patterns.

One of the main changes has been to make the page content far more accessible to handheld devices such as mobile phones and small tablets. The content has been styled to give the best browsing experience on various devices and will resize according to the particular device that you are using.

As well as the Patterns page, the popular Tutorials Page has also been updated. Again, the blue menu bar has been utilised to sort the current tutorial content into categories including Knitting Tutorials, tutorials for Embroidery and Sewing by hand and machine, Polymer Clay, and how to make various Embellishments and tutorials on how to photograph your projects once you have finished making them.

The final page to have been updated is the Free Downloads & Projects page (formerly the ‘Goodies’ page). This particular page was in need of some attention as there happened to be a number of projects and downloads missing from the old page, and the content was not well organised.

The same format as the previous two pages has now been used to make sure that the content is accessible to anyone interested in it.

The Gift Tags with care instructions for knitters, crocheters and stitchers that I try to design a set of each year are now all collected together in one collection. Sewing projects with free downloadable patterns are also given their own tab, as well as Paper-crafting Printables. More categories will be added to this in time with upcoming work, and new categories added as needed.

Please take a moment to have a look and a bit of a browse or the new Knitting Patterns, Tutorials and Free Downloads & Projects pages and hopefully discover some great new content,

Many thanks to Mr Awesome for working out how to get the new pages working and then fixing them all over again after I broke them (repeatedly) despite very simple and clear instructions. Patience of a saint, that one.

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  • The nuts and bolts of blog layouts etc. is something I wish I knew more about. When you take the effort to make your pages as attractive, easy and accessible as possible, it sets your blog apart. How much time did it take?

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