An Awesome T-Shirt

An Awesome T-Shirt

I always try to put any skills that I have or am trying to learn or develop into practical use, to make unique things for myself to wear, or to use and enjoy around the house, but my confidence in knowing what I might and will enjoy wearing once made does not extend beyond myself, so Mr Awesome rarely gets anything handmade. Outside of work, he usually wears T-shirts with a graphic print, and though it is possible to sew a T-Shirt, they are so readily available that the time and materials taken to make them by hand does not seem worth the outlay of either.

However, I thought I might design a graphic for a T-Shirt and get it professionally printed, so I could make him something unique and (hopefully) that he would enjoy wearing and be able to make use of.

Obviously the most awesome thing you could possible have a T-Shirt of is Giantmonk, so I designed the Totally Awesome Giantmonk T-Shirt graphic and had it printed by the lovely folks at Spreadshirt (I say lovely not because I have any affiliation with them, but because their communications, website and everything down to their packaging just make me smile.)

Now I just need to design Giantmonk a matching Mr Awesome T-shirt…

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