Fresh Yarn On Warm Needles – A Handspun Hat

Fresh Yarn On Warm Needles – A Handspun Hat

Life has started to return to normal now, and Mr Awesome and I are settling back into a routine whilst still retaining a flush of happiness from the fun of the last few weeks. But there is undoubtably less for us to do now that all of the organisation and creating of the wedding has passed. Though sad in one way this also makes time for all of those favourite activities we both so enjoy that had to be put to one side whilst we prepared for our nuptials.  Perhaps foremost for me is my knitting.

There have been a good many times over the last few months when I had a hankering or wish that I was with needles in hand, whipping up a cute little hat of pair of socks, but just couldn’t. We always seemed to have something time-sensitive to do, and all of our time to create, and all of our ideas and inspiration were caught up in cream and ivory lace and frills.

We had a most wonderful and loved friend over this weekend, so I also got to enjoy a little spot of outdoor knitting at an impromptu picnic we put together, and sitting in the warm sun, protected by the shade of a hat and with good company and my knitting I felt truly relaxed and back to my perfect version of normality. Giantmonk even helped with a few rows.

I’m really excited about the next few weeks and the opportunity to make and create new things. We have just this Friday finished re-decorating and re-purposing our guest room (of which I will write more, soon) to allow the space to be enjoyed all the year through, and to give more space and comfort for sewing, knitting and enjoying spending our time together.

Now that we are back to work and the weekends are for fun and relaxation, my first thoughts were that I wanted to feel the same comforting rhythm and warmth from knitting that I have so been missing recently, so on Saturday I picked up some yarn that was close to hand (some of the merino handspun I finished over a year ago now) and cast on a very simple hat, just to let me hands enjoy the re-awakening of the muscle memory.

As is often the case when sparks of creativity start to form little lights in your brain, soon your imagination is alight with the possibilities, and I have to rein myself in from casting on about twenty other projects full of ideas. The hat that I am knitting now will hopefully be the catalyst for putting to reality all of the ideas that have built up in my head over the last few months. Though this current piece of knitting started as a simple stockinette hat, the idea has shifted and developed in my head as I knit until there is potential, at least, for a brand new and exciting design, but I need to think through and keep re-imagining and firming up the geometry of what I want to achieve before I know if my idea will or can work.

But for now I can just enjoy the stitches that are being created from the subtly shifting colours of my handspun yarn, knowing that even if I strip all of those detailed ideas down to the simplest of stockinette stitch hats, I’ll still have created something that I will enjoy, and that is the feeling I have so missed when I have waited all this time to knit again.

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