Beautiful Things: Coveted, Now Mine.

Beautiful Things: Coveted, Now Mine.

About six months ago I went to a stitching and craft show in Birmingham, where I found myself plunged into two giant rooms full of stalls plying wonderful wares: craft materials, yarn and fabric of all styles and colours.

Whilst there I found a particular piece of fabric that I wanted so very much, but with the wedding approaching, and because I had no idea how much I’d return to thinking of it over the following months, I didn’t buy it. There were actually two pieces of fabric that I wanted to buy: a teal and turquoise small graphic print in jewel bright shades was the first.
The colours of this fabric are just amazing. The print is so rich and vibrant that the turquoise is allowed to pop without being over-bearing because the darker teal just tempers it down a couple of degrees. But the real show-stopper that just stole my heart was the matching border print  that is just so cut I can barely stop myself from squeaking with delight.

The top is exactly the same print as the teal and turquoise tile fabric above, but with a cartoon woodland scene full of trees, hedgehogs and oodles of bright fun.
I have a project in mind, and now I can hardly wait to get sewing!

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