This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes for our wedding and marriage! Everything went perfectly and the day was a dream. We are yet to receive our official wedding photographs so we still have that excitement to come, but my bouquet was very well received and admired by guests, and was a lovely talking point for many people on the day, as was our very special ring bearer Giantmonk, who looked so smart in his waistcoat, top-hat and boutonniere.

Two weeks have now passed, we have returned from honeymoon and things are returning to a state of normality as we get back to work and busy ourselves with a mixture of the humdrum tasks of day-to-day life and more exciting ventures like plans with wonderful friends and decorating our guest room.

Whilst sorting out all of the things that we needed to move and re-organise on our return from honeymoon before we could begin our guest room makeover, I was reminded of an item that I had put to one side with the hope that one day I might be able to salvage something from the hours of work that I had invested in it. My New Things jumper was once a thing of lightness and airy beauty. This is the jumper after it had already taken one trip through the washing machine and felted a little to make it neither so airy or light, but still slightly fuzzy but beautiful item before it was even worn for the first time:

But never one to do things by half, Mr Awesome decided that this wasn’t anywhere near as tiny and lumpen as a really ruined sweater, so decided to help it on its way by sending it back through the wash on what I can only imagine was a boil wash full of bricks, to present me with this:

Amazingly, the sweater still fits me, though shows off a stretch of midriff that should only be visible on people under the age of 22, or who don’t count macaroni cheese as a staple part of their daily regime.

But in every lumpen, misshapen form there is potential beauty, and neither Mr Awesome nor the piece of ex-knitwear were completely lost in my affections.

I have put the sweater to one side these last few weeks to concentrate on all things lace and ivory-coloured, but in starting a new beginning of sorts and finding ways to enjoy the things that we already have I decided to see if I could find a use for it in our new guest room. The sweater’s newly acquired boxy and tough, hard-wearing qualities seemed to suggest a simple cushion, however, the length of the sweater did not suffice to fit a cushion, so I had to improvise with an off-cut of upholstery fabric that I thought would work well alongside the soft, muted wool: complementary in colour bit with some interesting contrast in the structure of the fabrics and the lustre of the almost industrial-looking distressed houndstooth pattern which has a slight metallic sheen.

I decided to keep the feature of the original asymmetrical hem on the cushion and haven’t attempted to hide what the piece of fabric originally was so have kept the pocket detail. I will probably change the buttons for some dark brushed metal ones once I find some that I like, but I am glad that I didn’t have to throw away the result of so many hours knitting, even if it is no longer performing its intended purpose. I shall also try not to let this put me off investing time in my knitting, entrusting Mr Awesome with the laundry or allowing myself nice things in the fear that they will get ruined. And I did forgive him, immediately, because look at that face…

9 thoughts on “This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things”

  • I love this. You are so clever it amazes me. How cute of a cushion. I would have done the same thing with such a gorgeous piece of knitwear – find a new use so you can still enjoy the beauty. Glad to see married life seems to be treating you well. Hope you had an excellent honeymoon.

  • Well it is truly love, because I don’t think anyone else would have gotten away with it. Transforming it into this beautiful pillow was a wonderful idea.
    But to be on the safe side, invest into a separate laundry bag for your knitwear 😉

  • you both look lovely, and yes, that face will get him out of many scrapes in the future…. love the pillow (and I think the red buttons are perfect!)

  • you clearly can have nice things…..look at that face! And I can see why it gets him outta all kinds of trouble.
    I love the pillow and personally the red buttons too!

  • Yes that face will get him out of a lot of trouble but I think that it also applies to you, as you look absolutely beautiful. Oh! I know everyone says all brides look beautiful on their wedding day but only a few look truly beautiful like yourself. A very simple dress, wonderful flowers and that lovely smile must have won the day for you. Good Luck on your journey through life together, hope yours is as happy as mine has been with my lovely husband.

    Regards Mazza

  • What a gorgeous looking couple! Wishing you every happiness in your married life.
    Love the cushion idea, especially the pocket. I can see your cushion on a couch and that pocket becoming a perfect home for a tv remote controller. Perfect to have it close by – especially when watching scary movies, you can clutch your soft pillow for comfort in the harrowing scenes and the remote will always be close by in case it all gets too much and you need to turn everything off! hehehehe But no! You have Mr Awesome to clutch and comfort you.
    You could use the pocket to slip little messages in at random for people to find and have a bit of fun. I love the possibilities of a cushion with a pocket.
    Wishing you much fun and happy times.

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