Here Comes The Bride!

Here Comes The Bride!

As of yesterday Mr Awesome and I are husband and wife and walked down the aisle with the support of our friends and surrounded by all of the ephemera of a wedding. In my hands I was carrying not a traditional bridal bouquet but one that I have made for myself.


Each of the flowers on the bouquet has been handmade from antique and crocheted lace, organza, silk, pearl and buttons over the last few months and finally came together into a bouquet about a week ago.


Sat amongst the flowers of the bouquet was a little feathered blue tit, which I incorporated into the finished piece in memory of my grandfather who so loved watching garden and woodland birds and found so much joy in them that it was impossible to not also get swept up in an admiration of their beauty as a child. I have not adhered to the traditional ‘something old, something new…’ quartet of wants for my wedding attire, but if I had done this little guy would have been my something blue.

Bridesmaid bouquet Eskimimi Makes

My bridesmaid’s bouquet was made to the same idea, but was smaller and with a different balance of colours to complement her dress, and carried a few small butterflies amongst the flowers.

Lastly, the small floral offering for the groom’s party. Each the best man and my friend who gave me away were wearing a buttonhole made of a single handmade organza flower. The Groom was also wearing a matching buttonhole but with two organza flowers, as we learned that it is traditional for the groom to wear two blooms to distinguish him from the rest of the wedding party.


These small blooms are delicate and subtle, but just add a nice little handmade touch to the outfits of the groom and his accompanying party.

Thank you for sticking with me through the quiet period whilst we prepared and readied everything for the wedding – so many things took so much hand-making that I have not had any time for any non-wedding craft, and a lot of that I didn’t want to put on the blog before the day to save surprises for our guests, but now we are husband and wife, and I am sure that many photographs will soon be forthcoming!

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