A Very Handmade Wedding

A Very Handmade Wedding

Regular readers of this blog might have wondered that I seemed to suddenly disappear almost exactly a month ago, and those who have been keeping up with the events that I occasionally mention to be going on in my life might have understandably put this down to my wedding and impending marriage to Mr Awesome which is fast approaching.

As it happens it was for less happy reasons that I stopped blogging recently. One day I was at work when I had a shooting pain run right up my lower arm from my hand. I massaged the pain away, but it hurt again every time I turned my wrist just so, or when I tried to open a jar, and then when I tried to use my mouse, or type, or knit…

Anyway, I started to feel a bit down about this for a while and had to wear a wrist support to help constrict the movement of my thumb and wrist and ease the pain of the RSI, and all the while we were still trying to get things done for the wedding.

Anyway, a month on and though it is not perfect it is much better. Every now and again I forget, and I try to open a jar and wince in pain, but the pain is at least occasional rather than constant and burning. But I am still not knitting, or spinning. I am making many things, almost constantly, but as these are all for the wedding and nothing that I can really blog about until after the celebrations and surprises. So, I don’t have many pictures of the things that I have made, but for any curious folk, you can see the results of our test photo shoot.


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