Wedding Things Are Being Made

Wedding Things Are Being Made

Apart from the upcoming Knitting And Crochet Blog Week extravaganza, this blog is likely to be a little quieter than usual over the coming weeks, as in ten weeks’ time I will be a married woman: a Mrs Awesome, and there are a lot of things that need to be organised, trialled, tested, re-organised, changed and, quite importantly, made.

There will be quite a few handmade elements to my wedding – mostly accessories, wedding favours and decorations but they are quite abundant and time runs short.

I will no doubt write about many of them once the festivities are over, but for now I am keeping most of them off of the blog for reasons of keeping the wedding details a surprise for the guests, a number of whom might read this blog.

But as the invitations have been sent, I thought I would share that one small element of the wedding preparations. Like many couples, we decided to hand make our invitations, as like many engaged couples excited about our nuptials we wanted to include in our invitations elements of our own personalities and interests.
Alice In Wonderland
For the background of the invitations we used pages of my favourite book, Alice In Wonderland, mounted on ivory card stock, secured with double-sided sellotape for a neat, smooth finish.
On top of this we added a sheet of pale ivory vellum, embossed very subtly with little white hearts. We experimented printing directly on the vellum and found that inkjet printing works just fine if you allow the ink time to properly dry (I think we ended up printing ours in a batch and letting the sheets dry overnight). We simply printed our names in a subtle grey-brown colour, as black would have perhaps seemed a bit too harsh.
Mimi & Russell Get MarriedThe main graphic focal point of the invitation was a cartoon image of Mr Awesome and I standing in a china teacup, because I became obsessed with old china teacups and because of the link with Alice’s tea party.

These had to be printed out and painstakingly cut out. And there were lots of them…
Teacup wedding invite toppersAnd these weren’t even all of them, because it turned out that I had miscounted and had to do a second batch at a later date…

Although this may have been complex enough, we decided to add some ribbons, some coordinating rhinestones and a doily (because doilies should be a part of every English tea party) before sitting back and admiring that though it took a very long time to cut, trim, measure, stick and secure each element, we ended up with invitations that were truly unique and very personal.
Finished wedding inviteThough the invitations are finished and there are no more teacups to cut out, there still seem to be a million other things that need to be cut and gathered, sewn and attached and made, but it is a once in a lifetime chance to enjoy making a truly special day even more personal and special, so I shall keep on enjoying the journey.

Please do bear with me if it is a little quieter than usual on the run up to the wedding – these next two months are due to be very hectic and I have never had a diary so full of appointments. Nevertheless I am all set for Knitting & Crochet blog week and do hope that you will be taking part.  Bloguez-vous en français? A Goth Tale has kindly translated all of this year’s daily post topics into French for French-speaking participants, as well as a wonderful summary and run down of the post tags and their usage. Thank you again for all your hard work and involvement A Goth Tale!

Now it is time for me to go and cut/sew/melt something else wedding-related. Wish me luck!

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