5KCBWDAY2 Dating Profile

5KCBWDAY2 Dating Profile

5KCBWDAY2 Dating Profile
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Introduction: Hi! I’m Marta, and I’m an international kind of girl with a mixed background. Though I was born in the West Midlands my fibre is from the Shetland Isles and my design is Scandinavian. I am born of a cold climate and though I may look quite delicate I am in fact quite hardy.
I like to dress up in my finery and enjoy my more decorative parts *winky face*. Sometimes it’s good to make an effort.

Interests: One of my favourite things to do is to go out shopping. I prefer to window shop as I don’t like hauling large amounts of shopping around, but I do enjoy a gentle wander along quaint shopping streets and a leisurely hour or so at the coffee shop. I also enjoy keeping up to date with social media and keep my phone in a special pocket so that it is always at hand.

I don’t like to think that I am overly vain, but I usually keep a lipstick about myself in case a quick touch up is needed as I love to be spontaneous and never know where I might end up.

Dislikes: I am quite fun-loving and light-hearted, and so I really displace being weighed down, it makes me feel all out of shape and I don’t feel like I am on my best form. I also enjoy the more fun side of life, so I don’t like friction as it brings me out in piles and I can get myself in a bit of a twist. Apart from that there is not much that scares me, though I will avoid bugs at any cost, especially moths.

The Future: I have considered changing a few things about myself that I am a bit unhappy with. When I look inside myself I wonder if I have a slight dual personality. I sometimes look inwards and wonder if I am not a bit childish, and maybe this is something that I would like to alter when I have found my true inner self, though I’d still like to always keep a space in me for a phone, and that occasional lipstick!

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