Finished Spinning Project: Stormborn 2ply Yarn

Finished Spinning Project: Stormborn 2ply Yarn

Stormborn Handspun YarnLast week I completed a simple spinning project that had been on the wheel for a while. This basic, 2-ply yarn started out as two gradient batts that the seller (JustADaydream on Etsy) had named ‘Storm’.
The finished yarn then got the nickname Stormborn, after my favourite character from Game Of Thrones, because a geek is a geek.

The yarn is 98% merino and 2% angelina, which adds a bit of sparkle.
Stormborn handspun yarnThe fibre was for the most part an enjoyable spin, though as seems to be the case with many dark dyed fibres, I did find that the darkest two shades contained in the blended fibres to be quite matted. One area of the black fibre was so matted that I had to pull free a lump the size of a large coin embedded within one of the batts and just throw it away.
I think I might also have preferred if the angelina was spread evenly throughout the batts. The fibre seems to have four main shades – white, a pale blue, teal and black. The white and black areas contained none of the angelina, which was instead distributed only through the middle range shades, where it often appeared so dense that I felt at times that I was spinning areas only of angelina and no merino. I think I would like to have had the sparkle run throughout the yarn, especially into the white fibre where I think it would have looked quite ethereal.
The finished skein is 510m (560 yards) in length and a light fingering weight, roughly equivalent to a commercial 3-ply weight. I’d love to have had a third batt to have spun up a slightly rounder, more substantial batt and to have retained the colour sequence, but I think that this skein shall make a wonderful shawl, perhaps with a bit of beading to compliment the angelina, though plans for the knitting will have to wait for a future day!

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    • Hi Miss Agnes,

      Yes, it’s called a noddy noddy and is used for skeining yarn. It’s also really handy for measuring the length of the finished skein as all the way around the noddy noddy is 2 yards, so you can count the number of flu wraps and multiply by two to give a total yardage, which you can then calculate meterage from if you work in metric as I do, though it’s also good to bare in mind that the yarn is being measured under tension, so I usually deduct 10% to be ultra safe when calculating for a project.

  • Absolutely lovely! I can understand wanting the sparkle to be evenly distributed through all the colors. (sjn821 on Rav)

  • Gorgeous! She’s my favorite character too. I can’t wait to see what you knit up! Maybe it’ll also be Game of Thrones related…? 😉

  • Beautiful colours there and a great detailed review of your batts/yarn. Thanks for the tip about deducting 10% from the niddy noddy’s final measurement. I hadn’t heard that before but it makes perfect sense. I don’t have a niddy noddy to wrap yarn around, but I notice when wrapping yarn to make tassles that I need to watch the tension to keep a regular length. It is amazing how far some yarns will stretch and then shrink back.

  • Gorgeous!! Interesting what you say about the darkest dyed fibres… I blend fibre in puni Rolags which I feel gives you more control over the spread of the fibres and colours!!

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