Spinning Progress On The Storm Batts Hampered By Illness

Spinning Progress On The Storm Batts Hampered By Illness

I’m feeling pretty under the weather at the moment, so the darker shades of this fibre are pretty indicative of my overall mood and health.
Storm BattsLast week I started spinning one of the batts that I had treated myself to, with the hope that this week I would spend my evenings doing the same to leave me with two singles to ply together next week.

Unfortunately by Sunday I realised this was probably not going to happen. I woke up with that horrible grey feeling in my head that made me realise that ‘flu was on the way, and by the time Sunday evening rolled around I was shivering and hidden in bed feeling like I just wanted to sleep for a hundred years. When I woke up on Monday it hurt to sit up and every muscle in my body seemed to be punishing me for seemingly doing back-to-back triathalons in my sleep, followed by 12 rounds with a heavyweight boxer. I felt I had to go in to work on Monday morning to drop off and upload some files I had been working on, but once I’d managed that I came back home and got into bed.

Usually I’d hope to shake off the shivery and achy part of ‘flu after a couple of days and move towards the head cold and chest stages, but I’m on the third day in and I still feel like I have been marching for days because my leg muscles hurt so much, and I can’t bear to lift my arms above my head to even get things out of the cupboard, and I can’t sleep because I’m hot with fever through the night. Sadly this means there is absolutely no way that I could bring myself to try to operate the treadle of the spinning wheel as my leg muscles ache so badly, so I only have the one completed bobbin from the first batt spun last week and the pictures I took last weekend to show for it.
One Bobbin CompleteAs you can see, I spun the first bobbin from dark through to light, ending with the white fibre. One thing I did notice when spinning the yarn was that some of the black fibre was slightly matted (as I think sometimes happens with saturated colours in fibre) but also that the white fibre contained far less angelina than the darker colours, so the colour change will also see a change in levels of sparkle, like lightning in a dark sky.
Completed bobbinSadly this spinning project has come to an abrupt halt whilst I am tucked up here in bed and I doubt it will get going again until at least next week. This site is likely to be rather quiet until I recuperate as I’m not feeling up to doing much more, but I have had a few recent requests for information about whether we’ll be having the annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week this year, and my very quick and short answer is: of course!

3 thoughts on “Spinning Progress On The Storm Batts Hampered By Illness”

  • Oh dear, hopefully you will feel better soon. I always think it’s unfair that being ill should mean plenty of knitting time, but in reality never does. At least you have many giantmonks and a lovely fiancé to look after you 🙂

  • Boo for being sick 🙁 I’ve been dealing with low-level nausea for the past couple weeks, nothing serious…just kind of a blah feeling all around. I hope it sorts itself out soon.

    In the meantime, I’ve been dreaming about knitting…and spinning…but not actually doing much of it. Oh well.

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