FO: Ruby Sparkly Hat Off The Needles

FO: Ruby Sparkly Hat Off The Needles

The red sparkly hat I started a few days ago flew around the needles for the couple of evenings I found both the time and effort to get some knitting done. Some of the times it because I have had other wonderful things to do, like go to the cinema, but I have also had to have a few early nights to try and get a bit of rest between work days, and I was also working this past weekend, so it’s not always easy to find the time.

However, on Saturday evening we popped our feet up for an hour or so and I whizzed through the decrease rounds of the red hat I wanted to make to match my new winter coat.
Here is the finished knit, fresh off the needles and just after I have woven all of the ends in, which was a slight adventure in itself.

Here’s a tip if you decide to knit with this yarn or any other sequinned yarn similar to it: When weaving in the ends after you have finished knitting, locate the thin sewing thread-like strange that holds the sequins and just snip through this thin strand  to remove the sequins from the tail of yarn that you are weaving in. It will make the job a lot easier and prevent possible damage to the stitches you are weaving the yarn between from the sequins getting caught.

It doesn’t seem to have much form in this picture, but that’s because this hat is intended to be a knitting project that will benefit from the magical transforming properties of blocking. The King Cole Galaxy Chunky yarn should have just about enough wool content in to be able to take some degree of wet blocking, at 42% wool, 56% acrylic (and 2% ‘other’, which I take to be the sequins and their holding thread) and I felt a slight tightening of the wool fibres as I sat the finished hat in to a purposefully slightly hotter than normal basin of water and wool wash to soak before shaping.
As the yarn is quite thick and substantial and the weather less than appealing, it is likely to be a few days before this hat is blocked and ready to wear (and I shan’t be able to take any decent pictures until next weekend, anyway, as it is far too dark to take decent quality pictures by the time Mr Awesome and I get home from work in the evenings), but this will give me a few extra days to get the pattern written up and formatted before the final reveal.


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