Finished Knit: The Polka Dot Jumper

Finished Knit: The Polka Dot Jumper

PolkaDot Sweater

After just a little procrastination I have finished the Polka Dot jumper after just a little bit of extra work knitting the second sleeve, pockets, and then adding the finishing touched by making sure that every end was woven in and the buttons attached.I’ve even managed to take a couple of pictures of the finished knit via the very handy little camera infra-red remote that Mr Awesome bought me as a fantastic little surprise. It is tiny, so I could conceal it in my hand and take photos of myself like magic.

The jumper itself fits well and seems to hug in all of the right places without being restrictive. I knit it in a yarn that, though DK weight as the pattern asks for, was a bit heavier and of a sturdier construction than the given yarn, but this hasn’t resulted in an unkind drape, just a bit of extra warmth.

I modified the  pockets to be an extra polka dot wide and deep, because I wasn’t sure of the scale of the pockets against the sweater in some of the project pictures I had seen, and I am glad that I did as I think they balance out the sleeves just a little better for my own tastes.
Finished sweaterThe pattern was extremely simple to knit and the instructions were clear and precise. Where there was just a little ambiguity was in the finishing instructions that just informed the knitter that they should attach the pockets, with no indication of how they might be spaced or how to attach them. I have seen a couple of finished projects where people have knit this sweater and where the two front pockets look very close together at the front of the jumper, which to me looks slightly aesthetically uncomfortable. I suppose these details often come down to the knitter’s individual eye, but I have appreciated past patterns that have given good advice on element placement, whether it be for facial features on little amigurumi knits, or garment elements such as pockets. Apart from this one detail, however, the instructions are very simple to follow and easily knit due to the top-down seamless construction. The jumper is fun both to knit and wear, so I’m glad that I am a very  cold-blooded individual so that I might wear this cosy knit right on into the spring!

Pattern: Grellow Polka Dot by Suvi Simola
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Lima in Blue (MC) and Ice Blue (CC)

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