WIP: Waves At Sunset Zauberball Shawl

WIP: Waves At Sunset Zauberball Shawl

The one Zauberball that was missing from my last post was the one that was already a good portion of the way to becoming a finished knitted item. This Zauberball has had a good think about becoming a number of different things this year – it briefly auditioned as a hat and had aspirations at one point to become a pair of mittens, but it seems to have found its true calling as a shawl.
Re-wound ZauberballThe colours of this yarn remind me so much of the vivid sunsets that you most often see at the coast, over the water. I decided that the yarn would benefit from a little play with intermittent striping and a bending of the striping sequence into waves or chevrons, so I have incorporated both of these into my idea for a shawl. At the moment the combination of the bright colours and ruffled collection of lace looks like a flamenco dancer’s skirts.
shawlThis is a relatively simple yet rewarding knit, so I hope that it will be the first project of port Zauberball to soon be off the needles and ready to wear.

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