Port Zauberball

Port Zauberball

A few days ago Mr Awesome and I met with some of his extended family for a little get-together as his brother, who is usually stationed overseas, was visiting with his girlfriend. As I have been rather unwell since Christmas our visit was only brief and we spent a couple of hours chatting and eating with a room full of wonderful, lively people. As we left the festivities to continue behind us, Mr Awesome’s brother saw us out to the car and handed us a lovely hamper basket full of what we assumed to be biscuits and cheese type goodies in the darkness of the night.

When we got back home and unwrapped the lined wicker basket however, I spotted among the biscuits a brightly coloured ball of yarn.
Zauberball 100As well as a book on DSLR photography and many other personal little treats was this wonderful Zauberball 100. Different from the other Zauberballs I have tried, the Zauberball 100 is made from 100% merino wool with no added nylon content. It is soft and wonderful to the touch when in the ball, and I think it will be very special when it is knit up into something beautiful.

As well as being an absolutely wonderful gift it has also reminded me to turn to my favourite yarns when I start knitting. I have been trying more often to knit from my most favourite items in my stash rather than keeping them away for something better one day. I know that I am a good knitter and I trust my sense of design and aesthetic now to make the best of my most treasured yarns, so I have decided to move towards what I have decided to call Port Zauberball. This will be the first port of call for new projects, especially when I am designing something from my stashed yarns  I shall turn to those few ‘special’ yarns in my stash. They might not all actually be Zauberballs, but there are few yarns that I keep so specially guarded so it helps to create a handy little memo to myself.

7 thoughts on “Port Zauberball”

  • I’ve been doing that with my washi tape collection. There will never be a better time than right now to use my ‘special’ things. It’s been freeing to stop thinking that I’ll ruin something and should best save for later when I’m “more perfect”.

  • A very thoughtful and wonderful gift from your future BIL! I don’t think I’ve seen that colorway before. Looking forward to seeing both knit up. (sjn821 on Rav)

  • I have the same (bottom) Zauberball! I’ll admit, I only started to seek them out after stumbling across some of your posts about your love for them. And like you, I haven’t yet found the “prefect project” for any of them…so I can’t wait to see what you work up with your special Zauberstash!

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