Port Zauberball – Taking Inventory

Port Zauberball – Taking Inventory

I decided that as I had set upon the fantastic voyage that will hopefully see me sail through the murky waters of doubt and forge both sheets to the wind into the good sea Zauberball, using my most favourite yarns, I should first take an inventory of my Zauberball stock. So, I went for a rummage and pulled out all of my Zauberballs to asses the current situation.
ZauberballsActually, that’s not quite ALL of the Zauberballs. There was one more that was wound into a centre-pull ball and a laceweight Zauberball (a Laceball, if you must call it by its proper name), both of which I had moved to the non-Zauberball box, and so which were hiding at the time.

So, after assessing the current situation it became clear that I clearly needed more Zauberballs, so I did a little online shopping. I am documenting these just because I know how many readers love the sight of pretty yarn.Schokoladenseite Crazy Zauberball
This is a Crazy Zauberball in shade Schokoladenseite. 2 plies of slowly graduated colour twisted together to give a sock weight yarn. I love the colours of this – the autumnal shades twist among the greys for a very modern palette.
Vitaminspritze Zauberball Stärke 6With a similar construction to the Crazy Zauberball I also bought two balls of Zauberball Stärke 6, which are 150g balls of 2-ply construction yarn equivalent to a 6-ply weight, but often labelled as being either 5-ply or DK weight. The above shade is Vitaminspritze, zingy oranges and fresh greens with areas of white to balance the areas of intense colour. I also bought another in the shade Papagei.
This colour way is a bit of a curveball as far as I am concerned. Zauberball palettes always seem to fall within a certain range of colours or tones, but this one colour way seems to contain all of the shades under the sun. I thought it would be the most challenging to work with, and that’s what drew me to it.
lace ball 100 rosa traumeMy final two purchases were both of the Laceball 100 variety. This is a 100% merino version of the lace weight Zauberball, and deliciously soft. I bought this pink and brown beauty of the shade name Rosa Träume, and another in this stunning petrol blue and rust colour way called Sphinx.
Sphinx laceball 100I think that last one is a particularly beautiful colour way as the two main shades come together to form a stunning neutral mid colour that compliments them both. I adore this.

So, my current inventory in full looks a bit like this:Zauberalls

Above (left-right): Zauberball 2 x Frische Fische, Gebrannte, Floral language, Cranberries
Crazy Zauberball
(top row, l-r) Crazy Zauberball in Der Lenz ist Za, Cloud 7, Schokoladenseite, (bottom row, l-r) Frische Fische, Pale Shimmer, Auf Tachstation, Little Fox
6-ply zauberball
(l-r) Zauberball Stärke 6 in Floral Language, Vitaminspritze, Papagei
Laceball 100
(l-r) Laceball 100 in Sphinx, Rosa Traume.
Zauberball 100
Zauberball 100 in Fliederduft
And finally a Laceball in Cranberries

And that brings the great Zauberball stock take completely up to date, apart from one last little lovely. See, when shopping for my post-Christmas Zauberball intake I spotted something a bit new, and a bit special, and one day at work, whilst having lunch, Russell handed me a little parcel.

Schoppell Wolle Gradient in Pustekuchen

This is a DK weight single spun 100% merino yarn in a light, lofty ball of wonder. Look at those colours! I cannot wait to try this yarn, it looks so amazing. I’m counting it as a Zauberball as it shares so many features with it (mostly because it is so pretty!)

Oh, and there is one more Zauberball, but that has been cast on and is a good way into becoming something brand new…

9 thoughts on “Port Zauberball – Taking Inventory”

  • I think my favourite is the Fliederduft because it is purple but I also love the Crazy Auf Tachstation and Little Fox. I have two balls of the Cranberries which I might make into a Whisper Cardigan if I have the patience!

  • I ordered fliederduft from the loopy ewe after seeing yours! And I would love to get a ball of cloud 7 someday. Love your collection! (Also, mr awesome is awesome.)

  • Ooh, love all the photos! I really enjoyed using the Starke 6 (may have been Attractive Side) for a Pogona I knit years ago and two strands of Der Lenz ist Za held together created a beautiful baby blanket for a friend. I especially look forward to seeing Floral Language, Fliederduft, and the Gradient knit up. (sjn821)

  • Hello there Mimi,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now – but this is my first comment. I was wondering what you would do with a Laceball? I have one ball, which I must admit I bought a bit on impulse, and having done a rather thorough search on Ravelry for patterns that have used this yarn, I haven’t found a single lace-weight shawl or wrap that I’d like to knit, or if I would, it requires 2 balls! Your Simple City shawl is the closest thing to something I’d like to knit – do you think that would work in lace-weight with smaller needles and extra rows?

    • Hi Lisa,

      I guess that’s both the problem and yet best thing about impulse yarn purchases – the thrill of the hunt for the perfect pattern! I have a couple of lace balls myself which I hope to either find or wrote the perfect pattern for in the coming months as part of my aim to use my most favourite yarns,

      The Simple City shawlette will definitely work with smaller needles and finer yarn if more rows are added. The one change that you might find is in the structure of the Foxglove ruffle. The given gauge and weight of yarn gives this edging quite a rigid structure, whereas Laceweight yarn will soften this for a different effect. It should still look quite as lovely!

      I have had a look on Ravelry and of the completed projects I can’t see any in a Lace weight yarn, so I’m going to send you a copy of the pattern to look over and see if it’s something you’d like to try in a Lace weight (absolutely no pressure to decide, but it should give you a better idea of whether you think you will enjoy the knit) and if you do decide to give it a go I shall be very interested to see your results.

      • Wow! Thanks, how lovely of you! (both the considered response, and the pattern!).
        I’ll try to get on to it soon… thanks again, Lisa

  • I’ve been a lurking blog reader for far too long. Your images of Zauerball have prompted me to finally comment. I just love the colours of their balls. I’ve never bought any but you know I think that 2014 will see some added to my stash 😉

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