New Yarn And WIP: Ruby Hat

New Yarn And WIP: Ruby Hat

This weekend my lovely Maid Of Honour for my upcoming wedding made a visit to see myself and Mr Awesome along with her other half, and we spent a goodly few hours talking, drinking coffee and then heading down to town to have a wander through the extensive and warren-like labyrinthine passages of the local fabric store, grab a bite to eat and then a pop by the little local yarn store and haberdashery that I found hiding in a shopping arcade a few weeks ago.

I wasn’t really out to do any yarn shopping myself, except as I was looking at some yarn recently I wish that I had seen one of the yarns that I had recently purchased with small sequins attached in a solid red colour, as I have recently bought a red coat and quite fancy a new hat to match whilst we await the spring. I feel like a need a vivid injection of colour on the grey mornings, as we seem to travel both to and from work in the semi darkness of twilight.
Galaxy Chunky in RedThis is Kind Cole galaxy chunky in red, and though you can only make out one in the picture above, the yarn has sequins placed every 20cm or so along the length of the yarn. It’s exactly what I was looking for, and as I was not only wearing my red coat and blouse but also my red shoes as I sauntered around town, two skeins had to follow me home.
Hat in progressAs I am really looking forward to having a new hat to go with my coat I cast on Saturday night and knit a good five inches of the hat body whilst immersed in the second series of the Swedish and Danish collaborative drama The Bridge. I have a very strong idea of what I am trying to achieve with this hat, and specifically with he look I am trying to achieve with the decreases, and though I can knit it myself exactly according to how I want to look I am trying to find the best way to make notation of the decrease pattern to keep the instructions clear and yet not contain any superfluous repetitions where an instruction might be rendered more succinctly and yet just as clearly. In these cases I find that it often helps me to chart the design, even though I would not usually include charted instructions for this kind of hat, because the visual representation often helps to firmly fix in my mind where the pattern repeats are best noted, so this is where the next couple of evenings knitting and creating will no doubt take me!

I hope that once this hat is finished and ready to wear it will look exactly as it does in my imagination, and as this yarn knits up so speedily it should not be so very long until I know for sure.

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