Knitted Style

Knitted Style

Anyone who dared to go near the shops any time around december couldn’t have failed to notice the trend for knitted style accessories and homewards, especially those with a nordic twist. Naturally, some of these have found their way into my home around the most recent winter season.
Knitted blanketThe blanket was a birthday gift from Mr Awesome, and was one gift that I had perhaps hinted that I might very much like. I’m almost permanently cold, so have added it to the pile of things to snuggle under every evening when I get home from work. It’s 100% cotton and so very comfortable as well as being warm (as it is double-knit, so nice and comfortable.)
Nordic style knitted cushionThis cushion was another git from Mr Awesome, which he bought when he returned home from a meeting near London one day. It pretty much typifies the Nordic style red and white stranded colour work style that has found its way into shops so much these past few months, and which seemed to be omnipresent at Christmas but which should be in the home the whole year through. I will not be removing this from my sofa as a seasonal item, because I love it.
Detail of cushion

Very much in the same design category as the cushion were some lovely new socks that I picked up in the January sales. As much as we’d all like to imagine a drawer full of beautifully handmade socks, sometimes I just need a pair of simple cotton socks to slip my feet into, and they might as well be pretty.
nordic style socksAnother item in a similar red and white colour scheme that I received was a three-wicked candle in a beautiful red glass container. Though I guess this looks, strictly speaking, more like a cross stitch motif, it’s pretty much identical to a lot of the Nordic star motifs used in stranded colour work, so I’m claiming it for Team Yarn.
Candle with nordic cross stitch motifsThe homeliness and beauty of knitted items are so appealing to even those who do not knit that they have become very closely associated with comfort and warmth both physical and emotional, so items such as cushions, blankets, the welcoming flame of a candle and warm socks all remind people of the benefits and attractiveness of something knitted, so much so that the knitted style has made its way onto another of my home comforts – the much-loved cup of tea.
Knitted teapot and teacup
And a functioning knitted teapot (and little teacup with an i-cord handle!) is something that I definitely can’t manage with my needles.

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