FO: A New Shawl Off The Needles

FO: A New Shawl Off The Needles

I finished my most recent shawl over a week ago and spent last weekend tiptoeing my way around the large foam interlocking play mats that serve as a handy blocking surface for the beautification of lace.

It had been my full intention to release a brand new pattern today with a mini-fanfare, but with the aim of providing the most comprehensive instructions I can I am nose-deep in illustrator charts and blocking guide diagrams. Of all the feedback that I have found most useful from recent pattern releases were the amount of customers that said they found the blocking guide and diagrams included with the Mrs Tumnus Shawl to be indispensable in achieving a perfect end product.

My newest pattern will also be a curved shawl, but with a shallower crescent shape to sit slightly wider over the shoulders but also with a shallow enough neck edge and wide enough curve to be worn as a scarf.
New shawl pattern teaser picture from Eskimimi MakesThis picture is only a mere teaser for now as I shall save the rest for the pattern release, but it will be released in the coming days, perfect for anyone looking for something special to knit with a favourite 100g skein of fingering weight yarn.

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