What Will Eskimimi Make in 2014?

What Will Eskimimi Make in 2014?

Welcome to the new year and all the possibilities that 2014 holds. I have much to look forward to this year and I am trying to embrace as well as I can the positivity that a new start can make. Sometimes it’s just the open newness of the first blank page of a new notebook that has the potential to be filled with so many ideas and elements of creativity. Sometimes it is the sight of a large pile of yarn and the opportunity to spend a few hours to find the perfect pattern for. Today, however, it is the chance to embrace the turning of the pages of time.

Many bloggers will traditionally start the new year with a list of things they hope to achieve in the coming year, or a run down of their New Years resolutions, but I’m not one for deciding too far in advance where I want my creativity and ideas to end up, so instead I just want to say that I am going to be looking forward to making and enjoying beautiful things.

Wedding Shawl
The most special item that I made last year is something that I haven’t yet had the chance to enjoy to its fullest extent. My wedding shawl will not see its grand showing until July, and it is the day that I think about any time the clouds settle overhead and I need to remember that the sunshine is somewhere just behind them.

I’m also looking forward to designing a few perfect patterns for some beautiful yarns.
I wish every person who reads this happiness in 2014. There will likely be some sadnesses for most people, but where these do occur I hope that we can all find comfort in our creativity, our friends and the beauty of the things we make and surround ourselves with.

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