Eskimimi In German Print

Eskimimi In German Print

A short while ago I was contacted by the editor of the German language version of The Knitter magazine asking for advice on one of the projects that appeared in my photography tutorial article in The Knitter as part of the magazine’s Masterclass series, as the article had recently been re-published in the German language edition.
The Knitter magazine, German issueI replied with the information that she had requested and thought no more of it until I received a wonderfully kind reply thanking me for the information and asking if I’d like a copy of the german edition of the magazine that carried the article. What an absolutely lovely offer. I do not speak and cannot read the language, but curiosity is such a wonderful thing that these details hardly matter.
Eskimimi Photography tutorial in GermanIt’s a nice little keepsake to have because, as far as I am aware, this is the first time anything of mine has appeared in a language other than English. I have had articles printed about Eskimimi Makes in a couple of American publications, and I’m sure overseas subscribers to British Magazines I have done work for or appeared in must be significant in number, but it is quite exciting to see my own words translated in print.
Pages 3-4 of German Photography tutorial article by Eskimimi MakesNow that words can spread so easily and quickly around the world because of the Internet and what it allows us to achieve by way of sharing our thoughts, images and any content that we decide to let free, it’s easy to lose sight of the boundaries that still exist in print media, and how it can mean that similar content can be slower to spread and find its way around.

Close up of German text
In a few months it will be time for the annual Knitting & Crochet blog week to roll around, so I’m going to make extra effort this year to make the event as international and multi-lingual as we as a community can manage.

So, to all readers from the UK, Europe and beyond into the big wide world:

hello, hylo, xin chào, selam, hej, jambo, hola, olá, dzien’ dobry, hallo, ni hao, kon-nichiwa, shalom, ciao, góðan daginn, namaste, guten tag, bonjour, goddag, geode dag, nei ho, and aksunai

And every greeting from all the countries in between.

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