WIP: The Quickest Socks

WIP: The Quickest Socks

Drops Alaska Yarn in GreyMr Awesome and I have known for a little while now that Christmas this year was likely to be rather quiet and understated, but we still wanted our time together and away from work to be valuable and full of the love and comfort that we so very much need at the moment.

I awoke yesterday to a cold, crisp morning, some beautiful gifts (including some knitterly ones from Mr Awesome who is good at taking hints) and that burning sensation in the back of my throat which hinted that by the end of the day I was going to be feeling really rather ill. By the time the sun had set (which was about 45 minutes after it eventually rose) I was wrapped in a blanket and decided that I need a very quick, short project to cast on, and I decided that some aran weight ankle socks (which are more like little room sippers, or even bed socks) might help kickstart me back into some comfort knitting with a high FO:time ratio.
Little socks

These short socks will only take a couple of lazy movies to complete and are extremely warm due to the soft 100% wool Drops Alaska yarn. The inspiringly named 125-15 Short Socks With Cables pattern is available for free from the Garnstudio website and quite simple to follow if you have ever knit socks with a flap & gusset heel construction. There are a couple of ambiguities in the pattern that take some interpretation (such as whether you leave the underside of the foot in stockinette or maintain the ribbing) but as long as you make a decision and stick to it for both socks it will work.
Short aran weight sock with cables in drops alaskaI’ve finished the first of these socks and will cast on the second tomorrow to hopefully have a completed pair of slippers before I return to work in a few days in an act of comfort knitting to give further comfort through the finished project, in a time when I need all of the warmth and ease of feeling that I can have.


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