FO: Seasonal Preparations

FO: Seasonal Preparations

A while ago now, when Stress had started to creep in but had not made his nest at my feet, I started on a few Christmas cards, ready for December. Because I knew how busy I was going to be once November got going and lead full pelt down to December I decided to make this year’s batch of cards simpler than previous years.

I chanced upon a magazine for sale that had with it a set of clear rubber stamps shaped like ornate baubles. I have never bought a papercraft magazine before, and though it was of limited interest to me, I really bought it for the numerous free gifts that it contained, the main one which drew my attention being the rubber stamps set.

These clear stamps cling to an acrylic block and allow for simple stamping and easily positioned stamp elements, fantastic when you can build up stamped images using the baubles, finials and ‘string’ elements from the stamp sets above, and great for using with these bauble stamps that have a number of interchangeable text elements.
I used the stamps with a plain black ink pad to stamp various bauble shapes  on to some coloured and patterned papers and card stock, and cut around these shapes to mount on to backing paper to make extremely simple cards. As I have never used a rubber stamp before (really!) I can confirm that these cards are an absolute doodle, and you can achieve many different styles of card simply by switching the colour combinations and patterns of the papers that you are using.
Though you’re almost certainly more organised and on the ball than I am this year, just in case you need a quick idea for a few handmade cards, clear stamp sets are relatively inexpensive and easy to find in many craft stores, and should last for many years.

I still have a few more to make which I hope to get to next Monday when I have a day off work! I absolutely cannot wait for this day off – I have a few plans of things I want to achieve this day, including a chunk of time where I plan to relax with my knitting. I need this day off to lay in bed at a time when I can imagine that most people are getting up and going into work – to feel lucky at my time to relax. Even better than this, I also have next Friday off for my birthday, which I really hope to be back to feeling ‘myself’ for.

I want to say thank you to the few people who have sent me emails or messages through the ‘Contact Me’ link at the top of the page over the last couple of days, with messages of support and solidarity. I have appreciated and taken great comfort in your words, and this support has given me the spirit to try and make some time this evening to update this website. Though the words don’t yet flow easily, they are at least starting to trickle.

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  • You have incredible stamina. I send out a zillion cards and would never, ever be able to make enough in a year. The fact that you make any is so special.

  • I used to make a lot of cards before I discovered knitting. This year I just made a few for my best friends, but it has given me the bug again and I have already bought a January edition of a card magazine for the stamps on the front.

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