Recent Knitterly Gifts

Recent Knitterly Gifts

As my birthday and Christmas fall so closely together I tend to receive gifts all at the very end of the year, and I am always hopeful that someone close will buy my something that I can use in my relaxation time. Gifts to pamper are always well received, but alongside pampering my relaxation time also includes nourishing creativity as an antidote to the work needs of a nine to five.
Black Sheep Wools Gift CardsThe gift of yarn is of course the most amazing gift that a knitter can receive. Mr Awesome has been provided with concise instruction of how to never suffer the confusion or stress of buying bad yarn with the simple clue of ‘buy me a Zauberball’, the choice that can never be wrong (for me), no matter what the variety. But Mr Awesome decided this time to provide the opportunity for choice and so on my birthday I was given a multi-part treasure hunt that lead to a stack of gift cards for Black Sheep Wools! What an amazing gift with endless potential for beautiful things. I also got tickets to see the lovely Derren Brown in May, so I have many things to look forward to.
Knitted Christmas StockingsChristmas also found wonderful things both in the hand knitted Christmas stockings and later under the tree. Among a number of notebooks for my knitting and project notes (including a new Moleskine, the pages of which are always my favourite for scribbling notes) was a new bottle of Soak wash for my finished knits, something I have been wishing to receive for a long time.
Soak wool wash
Obviously, yarn is one of the key ingredients in any knitted project and a knitter or crocheter cannot do without it, but beautiful tools, notebooks and thinks like delicately scented wool wash make the enjoyment of a creative pastime the most wonderful times, and that’s exactly the feeling I want to have going into the next year. The end of 2013 has been difficult and sad in many ways, but I know that I have so much to look forward to in the next six months, especially getting married to a kind and wonderful person who I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with.

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