Giantmonk Launches His Own Site

Giantmonk Launches His Own Site

When a piece was published about Eskimimi Makes in the wonderful Knitscene magazine I received a large number of queries and comments from people who had seen the article and had questions for further information… on Giantmonk. 100% of the wonderfully heart lifting responses were about that most wonderful of large monkey chums.

So, for Christmas this year, along with three giant tubs of Jellybeans, Giantmonk achieved his very own website:
Because there were so many questions prompted by the Knitscene article, the very first section that Giantmonk wanted to make was an Ask Giantmonk page, where Giantmonk will answer any questions you may have, from his favourite tea blend to helping you with your homework, or deciding what to buy great Aunt Doris for her 93rd birthday.

Please drop by Giantmonk’s site, bookmark it, add it to your RSS feed reader, remember it in any way you have to, and remember to Ask Giantmonk.

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