Exhaustion, Recognition, Recuperation and Creativity.

Exhaustion, Recognition, Recuperation and Creativity.

It’s been nearly a month since I last sat down to write a blog post, and that last time that I did I was struggling to find the energy and inspiration to write, and that had followed the fact that I was too tired to enjoy the things that I was making.

The following weeks at work have been so very tiring and full on that I have just felt that I haven’t had time day-to-day to enjoy or take comfort in my life outside my job. To add to this a close member of my family, my grandmother, has been taken very ill in hospital, and with these things added together the only thing I have wanted to do when I get home from work is to crawl onto the sofa, force myself to find enough appetite to eat, and then sleep.

The last few days I have made a concerted effort to try to do a little knitting in the evenings. I have not always managed, but I have been trying to find the spirit in me to knit at least one round of the sweater that I have started.
Sweater WIPI keep reminding myself how much warmth and comfort I will feel from this finished knit, and that things will get better. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, now. Though I have been unable to take a day off when I have most needed it, simply because of my recent workload, I have next Monday off to gather a few things together ready for Christmas. I also have Friday of next week off too, along with Mr Awesome, when hopefully I will be in the right spirit to celebrate my birthday, which is only a few days before Christmas. I need these days off to try to help find myself again, because I think I have lost myself amongst work pressures, upset and a resulting bout of depression that I have found it hard to shake, but little by little I hope to keep adding to this garment to keep me warm and protect me from the coldest days.

5 thoughts on “Exhaustion, Recognition, Recuperation and Creativity.”

  • So nice to see your WIP. I hope you find your regular rhythm and that your grandmother’s health takes a turn for the better soon. Peace be with you!

  • So glad you checked in because its always nice to hear from you – no matter the time between posts. I’m hoping your light at the end of the tunnel comes sooner than later and that you are able to enjoy some of the upcoming celebrations. Cheers!

  • This time of year always seems difficult, lots of illness around and dark gloomy weather. My granny has been in hospital the past few weeks too, but has just been allowed out. Hopefully your grandmother will be better soon as well. I always find I feel better about work if I look for other jobs – although when exhausted from a frustrating job I know it’s hard to feel up to job-hunting…

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