FO: Stuffed Olive Socks

FO: Stuffed Olive Socks

Socks made from 6-ply zauberballThese socks are a past finished knit which I never wrote about at the time of completion. When I started these I began by posting about a simple square of garter stitch knitting, which I had striped to highlight the shifting hues of the 6-ply Zauberball yarn that I was knitting with.
Buttoned socksI designed the legs of the socks quite wide so that, with the stretchy nature of the sideways knit they could be folded over boot cuffs for a different look.
Stuffed Olive SocksI designed these socks with a buttoning leg for both added interest and flexibility of wear. I considered using buttons to closely match the colours in the yarn but decided on the highly contrasting bright red buttons as they reminded me of the little red pieces of pimento inserted into stuffed olives.

The pattern for these socks appeared in a magazine a couple of months ago, published under the name of a different designer, so they have sort of fallen by the wayside in my affections, but perhaps because of this I should look forward to when I can re-publish them under my own designs in the spring.

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