FO: Kimono Slippers

FO: Kimono Slippers

After my recent minor successes with the sewing machine after having made a few bags I  have branched out into new territory and have decided to have a go at making slippers. I have actually treated myself to a few patterns for making fabric slippers, but decided to start with what looked the easiest and make a pair of Kimono style slip-ons.
Polka Dot Kimono shoesIf you discount the layers that form the outer and lining pieces of this pattern, it is essentially formed of just two pieces – the outer/upper and the sole, though for some reason (perhaps for the purposes of being able to use a smaller piece of fabric) the upper is created from two pieces with a seam up the back of the heel. If you wanted, you could easily cut this piece from a longer single piece of fabric.
Kimono slippersUnlike the other slipper/footwear patterns that I have purchased, the lining of the sole for these kimono slippers is not joined into the main shell of the shoe, but instead inserted once the show is complete. I decided to use some more of the trusty Ikea fleece blanket to line the shoe upper and ask form the sole lining, and to add comfort I sandwiched two pieces together and sewed a few diagonal parallel lines to give a nice cushioned feel – I guess it is a bit like quilting (one of the dark arts which I have not yet tried).
Slipper liningI am not all too worried about any fine finishing on this pair as they were made of scrap fabric as a prototype, to make sure that I could get the sizing right (as it happens they are a smidgen too loose, so I will take this into account what I make any future pairs), but apart from this I am pretty impressed with how they turned out and they are extremely comfortable.
Kimono slipperI may add an elastic strap to help these stay on my feet for the time being, turning them into kimono slippers with a little Mary Jane styling, which will perfectly match the handbag that the majority of this fabric was originally used for, because who doesn’t want to coordinate their slippers to their handbag?
Matching handbagIf you would like to make your own pair of kimono slippers the pattern is available for $6 from iThinkSew. It’s in PDF format so you’ll need to print and assemble the pieces, but as there are so few of them this shouldn’t be a problem, and the pattern contains pieces for 6 different sizes as well as a full tutorial on how to put the pieces together. The pattern is so quick and easy that they’d also make perfect quick and inexpensive gifts, invaluable qualities at this time of year.

6 thoughts on “FO: Kimono Slippers”

    • They are very simple and quick to make. I have bought a couple more slipper patterns which I look forward to trying as they look like they might stay on the feet easier due to their construction. I think I’ll add a little strap to these for the time being.

      • I have made these slippers as well, and added a dart about an inch from the center back seam on either side. it makes the heel more fitted, and they stay on really well. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Very cute! All you sewing got me to go retrieve an old sewing machine from my mom’s. Poor think was filthy from years sitting on a shelf. Your knitting and sewing are so impressive!

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