You’ve Gotta Get Yourself Connected

You’ve Gotta Get Yourself Connected

I am pleased to announce that Eskimimi Makes has now launched its own Facebook Page, so there is now another way to get in touch, share ideas and thoughts and stay connected. Now that everyone is on the move and has a world of information at their fingertips it seemed right and fitting that readers can find extra content and notification of new exciting posts from Castle Eskimimi and the exciting wider world of craft on the largest Social Media platform in the world.

If you are on Facebook, why not head over to the Eskimimi Makes Facebook page and join me for a chat as well as news and all of the latest updates. I will be putting up a Facebook exclusive free to enter giveaway in the coming days, so be sure to follow Eskimimi Makes on Facebook to be in with a chance to enter.
Of course, there are many other ways to get and stay in touch, so if you are a user of any of these other social networks, please do come and say hi.
Contact Me – There is a link to drop me a line at the top of this page, just under the header. Feel free to drop me a line anytime, about anything. I’m not fussy.
RSS Feed – The dear, departed Google Reader may be long gone now, but there are still plenty of RSS and feed aggregators to keep you up to date with your favourite blogs, including Bloglovin, Feedly, Reeder, Feedburner and Newsify.
Twitter – I like a good tweet, so I’m often found on Twitter, both talking about day to day things as well as all of my creative endeavours, plus mixing with the knitting, crochet, clay, beading and sewing crowds. Click the link or look me up – you can find me listed under Eskimimi.
Facebook – It smells like a brand new Facebook page. Follow me on Eskimimi Makes’ Facebook page and keep your eye out for the upcoming Facebook-exclusive free to enter contest.
Pinterest – I like a good collection – yarn, buttons, notions, chocolate bars – they are all types of stash. Pinterest is where I stash pretty things and ideas. Again, click the link or look me up under Eskimimi. You’ll be noticing a pattern start to emerge…
Flickr – Pictures are pretty much integral to this site, and this is where most of them live. If you are up for a sneak preview of upcoming projects, sometimes photographs find their way here before I have written the blog posts. Great for sneak previews. Again, I’m listed under Eskimimi, or click the link.
Instagram – I put a lot of informal pictures here, plus quick shots of works in progress plus whatever Giantmonk is up to. Guess what my username on Instagram is? Eskimimi!
Ravelry – I am of course also a member of the massive community of knitters and crocheters that is Ravelry. Click the links or search for… can you guess? You’ll find me under Eskimimi. I am nothing if not predictable consistent.

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