WIP: Not A Fox

WIP: Not A Fox

A few days ago I posted a few pictures of a project that I had just started working on and wondered if anyone might be able to guess what it might be.

A few readers commented both on the site and on Facebook that it looked like it might be the beginning  of a fox-themed project. I thought this myself as I was taking the picture, which was what had lead me to post the teaser question in the first place, but it was a slight red herring. They are indeed ears that are being formed in the original work in progress shot, but they are not the ears of a fox. instead they are the ears of another animal, and one who has a tail like this at the other end:

And who could be sporting a curly-wurly tail above a ‘made with love’ ribbon label other than a very round, very squishy, full and cuddly piggle.

And she is absolutely gigantic! Measuring about 75cm from nose to tail this piggle will hopefully provide some excellent cuddles. But you may have noticed that this post title is headed ‘WIP’, as this is not a finished project. There is something super cool still to come – but before then I have lots more sewing to do!

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