WIP: Cowl For The Turning Season

WIP: Cowl For The Turning Season

Green Sparkly CowlThis week is shaping up to be the busiest, most stressful week at work that I might ever have imagined. We have been tasked with a giant project and a very small number of us are shouldering all of the weight of the task. After staying late yesterday and not being able to even find time to eat lunch at my desk today, I have found that I am getting home too mentally tired to concentrate on knitting something too involves, too physically tired through long days to sit at the sewing machine, and too emotionally wired to sit still and do something repetitive and almost removed.

I have tried to put a few more rows into the growing, drapey gorgeousness of the green cowl I am making, but I find I can only knit two or three rows before I feel like I want to get up and walk around (except, of course, I feel too tired to actually get up).
Rows of green cowlBut next week I have a whole, glorious five days off of work. I really hope that I can flip that switch as soon as I leave the office on Friday, to rid my mind of all the trials and tribulations of the week and move into a period of highly productive creativity.

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