New Project Preparation

New Project Preparation

How far ahead of time do you start to mentally prepare for a new project? I was having a think about how I come to start and develop an idea or longing for a new project, and realised that ideas can sit around in my head for years before I gather the requisite materials and willingness to actually make them into something real (and of course the vast majority of these along-term ideas will probably never come to fruition). There have been some knitting designs of the possible future that I have been refining and tweaking in my imagination for a number of years now, and I am sure that one or two of them will eventually find their way onto the needles, but yet other things I have made don’t have a firm idea of how they will eventually end up even as they are being knit.

And this doesn’t just apply to things I have designed, but also to patterns and projects that others have devised. Unlike many people on Ravelry I don’t have a very long queue of hundreds of items, and I regularly use it as a sort of ‘holding place’ for possible projects before clearing it out completely every few weeks, but there are still some patterns that I have had in the back of my mind for  year or more. Other patterns I will by on w him and cast on immediately.

I don’t have quite this same dual nature with my sewing as I am so new to this craft that all projects and potential ideas are pretty much new to me. As it happens the latest idea that has caught my eye is for a pair of sewn ‘shoes’.
pattern pieces for shoesReally, it’s a pair of slippers, styled to look like shoes. There are materials that you can get to make them more hardy and waterproof with the aim of wearing them outdoors, but really I just want something for my feet to wear around the house and when walking around museums and art galleries. One of my secret pleasures is to walk bare foot around a museum. The thing is, this is probably very much frowned upon, so I used to try and find as thin a shoe as possible. To make these fabric shoes even more perfect for walking around the smooth floors of museums I have ordered some fabric online that has a non-slip raised rubberised pattern on the bottom.

Until that arrives the pattern pieces that I have cut above will be a sort of test run, to try and get the sizing and fit right. I really hope that I can get this pattern to work as a step away from making bags (though I truly don’t believe you can ever have too many bags). In the meantime I have purchased to new pieces of fabric from Ikea, which I hope will both become great new projects soon.

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  • The closest I’ve come to walking barefoot in a museum (or anywhere!) while still technically wearing shoes is in my FiveFingers – I have the KSOs, and they are great.

    • I had a look at those a couple of years ago but i absolutely cannot abide to have anything between my toes 9which is why toe socks will forever be well out!). I’m the same with my fingers, which is why you’ll see me knit plenty of mittens but never gloves (for myself, at least!)

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