Knitting With Emeralds

Knitting With Emeralds

Green and sparkly yarnI have cast on some beautiful Ring-A-Rosie Stargazer in the shade ‘A Message For You’, a very special yarn which I have been waiting to find the right pattern or idea to use it with. I have been experimenting and swatching various stitches to try and find one that will highlight the sparkly fibres and variegation in the high twist fingering-weight wool.

I’m starting the knitting off with a decent depth of twisted ribbing, which though beautiful to look at and wear can sometimes leave me looking forward to trying out the showstopper stitch which I am looking forward to using for the main knitted part of the project.
Stargazer yarn in A Message For YouWhilst I am working on the twisted ribbing, however, I like to speed things up when knitting in the round by knitting with a left needle tip a couple of sizes smaller than the one on the right. This means that the waiting stitches fly off the left hand needle as they are knit and move smoothly down to the tip of the needle waiting to be knit.
Different needle tips for faster knittingHopefully the ribbing should move along quite swiftly so that I can soon reach the point where I can watch this beautiful yarn reveal itself in the stitch pattern and knitting technique that I have chosen. I’ll be sure to post some more pictures once the pattern starts to bring itself into view, but it feels really good to be so excited by a new knitting project.

6 thoughts on “Knitting With Emeralds”

  • Knitting with a smaller left needle to more easily (quickly) move up the stitches is a fantastic idea! I guess it works best in the round since one might forget to switch when knitting flat. Love the yarn too! Looking forward to seeing what you make with a skein of variegated fingering weight since most of us have a few in our stash. (sjn821)

  • My mind is blown…that’s a bloomin’ brilliant idea (especially because Christmas is approaching scarily fast). I look forward to seeing the FO too. I’m currently making the Holly Handwarmers and Birchwood Mitts but only in plain yarns, I always struggle to find patterns that suit variegated yarns so I’m curious to how this will turn out.

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