Knitted Polymer Clay Buttons

Knitted Polymer Clay Buttons

Polymer clay 'knitted' buttons
After suffering with the ‘flu for much of the last week and going back to work yesterday (yes, on a Sunday – no fun at the best of times) I didn’t feel like I had much time or energy to enjoy much creative relaxation by the time I had returned home, eaten and settled myself down. But I had been planning on a few experiments with knitting inspired polymer clay that I thought I would work on for half an hour or so.

I have seen many examples of the work of crafters that both create actual knitted and crocheted pieces with long thin strands of flexible polymer clay and many others try to replicate the texture and patterning of knitting using polymer clay, either via texture sheets, moulds, or more manual methods similar to the one I am trying to develop and experiment with. For many of these more manual methods the process is often very involved and time consuming, whereas I wanted something quite quick and simple to create feature buttons with a good visual impact.
Polymer Clay knitted buttonsI still have some work/further experiments that I want to make with this, to iron out a few inconsistencies, to shape the texture to better reflect the short, squat nature of knitted stitches, as well as shape the area between the holes to make sure that the buttons will withstand wear and movement, but if I can sort out a few things that I am unhappy with I will write up a tutorial soon.
Polymer clay buttons with knitted texture

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