FO And New Pattern: Turquoise Socks

FO And New Pattern: Turquoise Socks

A new pattern of mine is out in the most recent issue of Simply Knitting due to hit the stands in a couple of days. The socks feature an easy to memorise lace motif that places the shaping of the lace pattern between columns of purl stitches for ease, comfort and stretch, making them very comfortable.

They appear under the name ‘Gentle Waves’ in the magazine, a name which I do rather like, as fitting as it is to both the lace motif and the shade of yarn that was used.

The socks are a pretty simple knit for a pair of socks. They are knit cuff down, starting with a super-stretchy 1×1 ribbing (and I’d recommend using this cast on for any sock projects that start with 1×1 ribbing, it looks great and is the most comfortable edge you can possibly image), followed by an easy to knit lace pattern shaped by short row heels and toes which give a smooth, professional look to the finished socks.

The short row sections can easily be replaced with a flap & gusset heel and a wedge or round toe if the knitter prefers a particular style of heel and toe for their personal fit. The socks do quite well in achieving a nice balance between being interesting and quick to knit, so though they would obviously be most perfect for yourself (the best hand knit recipient of all) if there is someone lucky enough in your life for you to knit socks for, this pattern might be a good choice.

I haven’t yet had chance to have a proper flick through the rest of the magazine, but as I have a few days off I shall enjoy catching up on all of the reading material that has fallen through my letter box these last few days.

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