Eskimimi Makes In Knitscene

Eskimimi Makes In Knitscene
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When I arrived home from work yesterday my mail box was practically bursting with the bulk of a magazine delivery from distant shores as the Winter edition of Knitscene had made its long trip across the Atlantic and into my hands.

These were exciting times because not only was it a magazine I had never had the pleasure of leafing through before but it also carried the following article on this fabulous little website called Eskimimi Makes.

The article answers a few short questions as to why I began Eskimimi Makes (after Eskimimi Knits) and my loves in the worlds of knitting, creating and blogging, both in what I like to blog about most and one of the blogs I most enjoy reading (and a shout must go out here to Untangling Knots, just as it did in the article.)

As the magazine has been out in America for a week or more whilst it has flown many miles to be with me, I have had a number of new visitors to the blog that have first read about it in Knitscene. Firstly, I’d like to say a happy and grateful hello to anyone who does pop over for a look, and secondly to reply to the subject that every single one of the 16 queries and comments I have since received about the article has mentioned…

Yes, Giantmonk is one of the two most lovely things in my life (the other is Mr Awesome) and he is an absolutely perfect cuddle for the happiest times and the saddest times. Many people have asked if I knitted him myself, and I did not. He is in fact well known to British television viewers first as the face of ITV Digital and now the suave and intelligent personality behind PG Tips tea bags (and that kind of epitomises his importance, tea being such a vital part of life over here).

PG Tips monkeys are available to buy, both in Giant and much smaller form, but in the very early days of Giantmonk’s ancestors, ITV Digital did release a free pattern for people to knit their very own ITV Digital mascot monkey. There have been many modifications and additions to the pattern added by helpful users, so if you ever wanted to knit your own Giantmonk cousin, you may just be able to. I would thoroughly recommend that anyone who does knit their own Giantmonk chum make sure that they add bags of poly-pellet beans to his bottom, hands and feet, as these weighty hands on the end of long monkey arms that can be thrown over your shoulders for hugs are the best, most comforting thing in the world.

In the picture above you will see that there have in fact been two Giantmonks, and I have knitted each his own individual tank top with its own patterning and colours. The first Giantmonk and his snazzy knitwear are sadly no longer with me, and you can read part of the story of how Giantmonk came to say hello after I had missed Giantmonk cuddles for so long in this post from last year: Giantmonk’s Tank-oo Too Top.

One day soon I may ask Giantmonk to take over the blog for the day to do a Q&A session. Also, if I ever knit Giantmonk another new tank top I promise I will write the pattern down, and I am sorry I couldn’t have been more help in regards to this to all those that have asked.

Thanks again for stopping by the blog – from both me and Giantmonk.



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