Eskimimi Makes Has Been Revamped

Eskimimi Makes Has Been Revamped

Now, things might have been a little shonky for a bit as Eskimimi Makes went through a bit of a makeover having moved to a new blogging platform. After being hosted on Blogger since I re-started blogging following the adventures of a couple of years ago, I now feel settled enough to trust my website to be self-hosted and on lovely old WordPress.

Mr Awesome and I have spent the day fiddling and tweaking with the layout, and eventually making the switchover. Things might be a little bumpy for a while, but the site is, for the most part, up and functioning.
There will likely be a few dead links which may take some time to fix. On top of this there is a chance that anyone who subscribes via RSS readers such as Feedly or bloglovin’ may have dropped this site’s feed, so please make sure to re-subscribe!
So, Eskimimi Makes has switched from Blogger:

To WordPress:

The look of the site may change further as additions and improvements are made, but one great piece of news is that the new site will be much more mobile-friendly. Please make sure to re-subscribe to any RSS feeds now that the new site is live.
PS: Anyone who ever had issues commenting on the old Blogger platform should now find that to be a thing of the past, so please take a moment to de-lurk!

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