WIP Or Finished Object – How There’s Nothing New Under The Sun

WIP Or Finished Object – How There’s Nothing New Under The Sun

The main body piece of my new knitted jumper is complete. The ends have been woven in and tidied up and it now awaits sleeves and a neckline adding, to be finished off with a few cute little buttons which I hope to treat myself to this weekend. I had originally photographed the work in progress folded as above as it looks so unfinished without the addition of sleeves and finishing of a neat neckline, but today I have re-photographed the piece hung up and displayed in its current form.

I would not consider this ready to wear in its current state as it is still awaiting quite a lot of work, but whilst I was in Waterstones today I was browsing the knitting books whilst Mr Awesome perused the nerd section of the bookstore, and I spotted a familiar looking garment on the front of one of the books.

The stitch pattern is almost identical as the one that I have chosen for my sweater, and apart from the width of the shoulder pieces it is practically the same as the unfinished garment that I am working on. I had a nosey through the book to have a look at a few further pictures of the knitwear on the cover and there appears to be no discernible  finishing to the neckline or armhole edges. It looks entirely like my own jumper does at the moment. I still wait sleeves on my own piece, but it was amusing to spot something that looked so like my work in progress on a book cover.

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