WIP: Needle Roll

WIP: Needle Roll

No matter how long you have been a knitter you find that you slowly but surely acquire more ‘stuff’. I am sure that even if I find myself knitting in 50 years’ time I will still be building up an ever growing collection of tools and implements to help me better expand and enjoy the art of making pretty yarn even more pretty.

A while ago I found that my already significant sized pile of knitting related accessories needed expanding when I realised that I never had any adequately sized DPNs to complete the decrease rounds of The Awesome Hat. Yes, I could have magic looped or something similar, but there was a prime ‘new stuff’ opportunity (plus, I love using DPNs). So, I had myself a little search on the internet and came to an important decision-making juncture. Sure, I could buy one set of DPNS, or I could buy 15 sets of DPNS. Being extremely sensible I opted for the latter. But, do you know what having more knitting accessories requires? More knitting accessory storage! All of these loose sets of DPNs made my knitting storage look like a very large game of Pick Up Sticks.

So, I decided that I needed to get those 75 pointy sticks organise into some kind of order. To do this I set up my sewing machine, found a couple of fat quarters of pretty fabric and a little bit of light interfacing, and got to work.

I never had a pattern to work to nor did I really know what I was doing, but I was relatively successful in putting together a functional and not wholly unattractive needle roll.

There are two rows of slip pockets for holding various sizes of needles, which total 25 pockets all in all (some of the pockets on the top row are smaller than those underneath). The sizes were not too closely planned, but this is actually the perfect number to hold all of the 15 sets of DPNs above plus my ten sets of sock knitting needles. A flap that runs across the top folds down before the needle roll is folded up to keep all of the DPNs secure in storage or transit.

This is still technically a WIP as I haven’t made a clasp or closure for the needle roll as yet. I’m sure that there are plenty of ways to make a needle roll, but considering that I didn’t have any pre-planned idea or a pattern to work from I am pleased to have finished with a functional and relatively pretty way to store all of my DPNs.

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