Perfect 10 Patterns Giveaway – Draw Winner

Perfect 10 Patterns Giveaway – Draw Winner

Congratulations to Ida Elise Kaltoft who has won the Perfect 10 Giveaway draw. Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their thoughts about September, both positive and not so positive, highlighting the changing of seasons and what it means in people’s lives and the crafting of readers across the globe.

Whether Autumn is settling in for you or you are just approaching spring, enjoy your knitting, crochet and crafting.

2 thoughts on “Perfect 10 Patterns Giveaway – Draw Winner”

  • Wow, this is just a perfect end of a perfect weekend! My ravelryid is donaluana, and i will contact you there when I have looked through all of your pretty patterns. Thanks a lot, I am SO thankfull for this 🙂

    Ida Elise / donaluana

  • Generous giveaway, Mimi, and congratulations, Ida Elise! I did not enter because it would take a long time for 10 of your wonderful patterns to make it through my knitting queue and I wanted there to be a more deserving winner. I really enjoy fall and the cool breeze in the air, even if it means a march towards the end of the year and the long winters we have in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. (sjn821)

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