New Sock Pattern – Of Joy And Disappointment

New Sock Pattern – Of Joy And Disappointment

For a long while now I have been looking forward to the publishing of a new pattern of mine which was originally due out in Simply Knitting a couple of months ago. Due to what I assume to be pattern scheduling changes it’s been knocked back a couple of issues and I have been unsure as to when it was due to be published. I had asked the question of the magazine and had been told that it was going to be in the special Christmas booklet that accompanies issue 113, similar to the one that carried my two Christmas Stocking designs last year.

The other day I mentioned on Twitter that I thought it was due to be published this month and a couple of followers kindly replied that they hadn’t spotted any design of mine in there. Not having heard anything contrary to what I had been told by the publisher I thought I would treat myself to the magazine today, just in case, and those socks that I spent hours designing and knitting have finally made it in to print.

It’s always an exciting moment, to see how the design has been styled and photographed and what visual impact the finished design has on the page (and I hoped that it would be high as these were a special sock project for me, having been made with my absolute favourite yarn – the zauberball). It’s exciting to see how the text and images have been laid out and presented, and of course it is always wonderful to see your name proudly next to your hard work.

Except that’s not my name.

It was one of those absolutely heart sinking into the stomach moments after something I had been waiting for months to see just seemed so wrong. Mr Awesome could immediately tell that something was amiss as he sat beside me in the car and saw my whole countenance fall downwards. Then he let out a little swear word as he saw it.

If you knit a sock design for a magazine you don’t do it for the money. The hours it takes to make the socks alone make that pretty much impossible, so being able to show your grandmother, your work colleagues and mostly your fiancé or other loved ones makes a big difference. But now this can’t sit alongside last year’s book with the same joy. I can’t send my grandmother a copy of this with a little note to ignore the name as it is my design, really.

It’s a mistake, and mistakes happen. And it may seem like a trivial mistake to some, but it represents so much hard work and effort for now so little joy. I suppose it’s the joy of recognition, as there is pride in a name alongside a piece of work, and my name isn’t alongside that project that I put so much into.

The worst thing is that I so very much needed cheering up after a bad day. I bought the magazine to try and do that, just in the hope that I would flick through the ages and find my name next to an awesome pair of Zauberball socks. It’s not helped my bad day at all. And I can’t fix it properly.

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  • You have every right to feel completely disappointed with no explanation needed at all- this is just so horrible and disheartening. It looks like a lovely design from the photos and the colour you chose is one of my favourite. I know mistakes happen but damn, what a blunder. Hugs to you Mimi.

  • Oh my goodness I would be absolutely devastated!!! I hope the publisher does something to make this right. Giving another person credit for someone else’s design is really serious. Just remember you are a great designer and you will be in many more magazines in the future 🙂


  • This is so upsetting! I don’t usually comment on blogs but I love this sock design and I am so sorry that they didn’t properly credit you for the work that you did. Make sure they properly credit you anywhere it IS changeable – their website, Ravelry, etc.!

  • That is a terrible disappointment! And such a lovely sock you’ve made, too! I wonder how they’re going to try to fix their mistake?

    I must say that I did find your ‘solution’ a bit funny. I think you should send a copy to your Grandma anyway. With a copy of your blog.

  • Sympathy, I’d be just as upset. I’ve heard a fair few complaints lately about the number of mistakes in UK magazines. Last meeting but one meeting of our knitting group there were 6 of us there and 3 people had problems with patterns in knitting magazines. Some of them comparatively minor, but still off putting for newer knitters. Of course I understand about producing things on a shoe-string etc.

  • That is an awful. stupid and unnecessary mistake. Don’t they proofread? It shows total disregard to you as a designer. If they don’t do a retraction, I say you should be able to sell the pattern on your website or Ravelry, ASAP.

  • This is terrible and I feel so sad for you. I hope they print a correction and offer you some form of compensation for their error. In the meantime, I find monkey hugs are very comforting 🙂

  • Oh – my heart goes out to you. I can totally understand why you feel so devastated. And it is such a lovely design too! I really do hope that they offer you at the very least an apology for a horrendous mistake.

  • I’m so sorry this happened! I hope it is only a clerical mistake by the magazine. I would be hugely disappointed as well. I hope the magazine apologizes for their error and I agree that they need to have the proper designer listed on their website and Ravelry. (sjn821)

  • They should and will print a retraction, in my experience. However, it’s a small note in the front of another issue and means little. Furthermore, someone else is now credited with your copyrighted work. That’s a huge issue in the publishing world. They need to correct this on their website immediately, imo and offer you a snailed apology. I’ve had 8 novels printed and many articles, this is no small thing and since it can affect your ownership of copyright, they need to fix it. Be nice, but firm.

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