Happy Feet – A Cry For Help

Happy Feet – A Cry For Help

Since buying the Sew A Metre book to get back in touch with my sewing machine beyond repairs and the odd bit of home furnishing, I thought it was time that I gave my lovely little machine a bit of tender loving care. My machine still runs perfectly, but I have only been able to use it for very basic tasks.

A couple of years ago I went through a tumultuous move and a number of things became lost of mislaid. Though my sewing machine made it through the move with very little issue, I lost all of the accessories that went it. I don’t have a single spare bobbin, needle or any of the presser feet that came with it apart from the one that was fitted (the zig-zag foot). I thought I could do with at least replacing the zipper foot, and that I should also keep an eye out for a buttonholer as I still have a cushion requiring buttonholes adding to it.

Anyway, after a lengthy eBay search I spotted a seller who had listed a little set of sewing machine accessory feet. The seller no longer had the sewing machine and couldn’t remember a great deal of detail about the machine, so it was a bit of a gamble but one that paid off as they appear to fit my machine perfectly. However, a few of the items are pretty much a mystery to me (and as I think these may be off of a machine that is somewhat older than mine, may be completely useless).

A) My zipper foot
B) I assume this is a straight stitch foot, though I usually use the same foot for zig-zag stitch and straight stitch – is there any benefit in changing this when using straight stitch?
C) Is this for sewing on buttons? I’ll try and get a better picture of this in the coming days, but it is see-through plastic and the light was awkward.
D) I recognise this as a buttonhole foot, but the details elude me, so I can’t tell if it is a 1 step or 4 step buttonholer. Not that I can remember how to use either, but knowing might be a good place to start googling.
E) I have no idea what this does.
F) What’s this?
G) Plastic thingy?
H) Yay, screwdriver!

If anybody has any information they could share about those few mystery items I would be almost deliriously grateful and love you forever. Please do take the time to leave a few words of wisdom if you have any knowledge you can impart unto me. Thank you!

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  • D looks like the buttonhole foot I have for my Janome machine. I have a 1 step automatic buttonhole function. I pull forward the slider in the middle of the foot, pop in my button and push it back until the button is snugly held. I select the buttonhole function, then put on the foot. There is a lever I pull down next to the metal bit that holds in the needle on my machine. This forms a ‘stopper’ so when the buttonhole foot reaches the stopper, it knows to stop sewing one side of the buttonhole and move across the sew the next bit. Does your machine have one of those stopper levers? Hope that helps in some way.

  • You are correct that B is a straight-stitch foot. No idea why you’d change out for it…though strangely my first sewing machine only came with this foot and I had to buy a zigzag foot!!

    C is a button sewing foot.

    Is it possible E is a blind hem foot? Mine looks different but is shaped somewhat the same with the screw on the side like that.

    F is a seam guide (“and screw”, says my machine manual. LOL!)

    Is G maybe a darning plate??

    Not that I’ve used any of these fancy things. =) Good luck!

  • Hi!
    A – zipper foot
    B – straight stitch, you’re right, for most fabrics it isn’t more useful than the zig zag, but for thinner fabrics this foot prevents the fabric being caught by your machine feed dogs, because the pushing made by the needle is limited
    C- button foot
    D- buttonhole foot – don’t know which kind, only have seen 4 step buttonhole feet.
    E – blind hem foot – brother has a tutorial pdf on how to use this, look it up on google
    F – seam guide, i don’t have one but the idea is to atach to your machine plate and use the sliding part as a guide, helps you make straight seams.
    G – darning plate – covers the feed dogs and allows you to move the fabric in whichever direction you want
    H – you got it!

  • D looks like my buttonhole foot. Mine makes a button hole in one step, you just set the machine going and it takes off on its own. The button you want to use is fastened on the end labeled A and the machine uses it to determine how big to make the button hole.

  • B is splited in the middle, it’s easier to guide your fabric and make straight seams.
    For D, it looks like a manual buttonhole feet, my previous machine had the same, on my current machine, which is a one step, I have a stopper on the left side. This stopper allows the feet to take the second step by itself.
    Have a nice day !

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