Half A Day To Spend Creating

Half A Day To Spend Creating

Mr Awesome and I have been doing early starts at work this week, and to arrive in the office before 7am we have to get up not long after 5 in the morning. I feel like I have been working like a daemon these last few days with not much chance of a let up in the next couple of weeks due to a large project I am working on, so this afternoon seemed like a good opportunity to treat myself to a half day.

At 11am I waltzed out of the office and did that strange half walk, half run to the bus stop trying not to miss the bus. About 60 minutes later I was home and curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and my lunch on its way to being prepared.

I absolutely intended to remain in this lazily reclining position until Russell rolled up at around 3:30, but after an hour and a half of inactivity my active fingers wanted something to do.

A couple of days ago I had popped into my local haberdashers and fabric store and happened to pick up a little bag of offcuts for a single british pound coin. There were several offcuts in this bag, some in a bring/claret colour combination and then a few bits of turquoise and white furnishing fabric, which was handily accompanied by a small piece of plain turquoise fabric.

The turquoise and white patterned panels are made from two pieces of the same fabric with each different side used as the ‘public’ side. I kept the darker shade to the bottom to help stop the bag from getting to mucky in areas where it was likely to see the most wear, and also to keep the lighter colour near the top of the bag to provide contrast to the co-ordinating handles I made from the plain fabric.

This is possible the easiest type of bag there is to make – essentially two rectangles sew around three sides with some handles, but it is also on of the most useful types of bag for shopping or and carrying things like books and yarn.

A simple tote bag can take next to no time to knock up and can make a lovely last minute gift, and especially useful now that the 5p carrier bag charge has been announced for England and Scotland. The materials for this bag cost me just 50p (or half of my £1 offcuts outlay) and will last many hundreds of times longer than a plastic bag.

So, I ended up not quite lazing through my afternoon off, but still relaxing in an albeit creative and productive manner, and it feels very rewarding. If anyone has any suggestions of other types of projects (in any craft or medium) that you can easily do in an afternoon or so for a quick crafty fix, please do share your ideas!

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