Giveaway (Free To Enter): Win Your Perfect 10 Patterns

Giveaway (Free To Enter): Win Your Perfect 10 Patterns

I haven’t done a giveaway in a long time, so I thought that on the first day of September, a month which always feels like it marks the turning of the weather and a great time to immerse myself in yarn, needles and hooks, it would be a good time to get a giveaway going in aid of encouraging some knitting and crochet action.

In this free to enter giveaway you can win your choice of any ten single patterns from my pattern store, a prize worth up to $50. Patterns range from shawls, hats, mittens and scarves to keep you warm from the first light frosts through deepest winter, to socks, homewards, Christmas treats and 400 million year old seabed arthropod toys.

Once the giveaway has closed the winner will have up to one year to choose their ten patterns, so some credits may be retained for future pattern releases in the next year if you would like to give yourself an occasional treat. Alternatively, you may choose multiple copies of the some pattern, so if you are part of a knitting group Β (including online knitting groups and bloggers) you might like to choose a number a copies of a single design and host a knit-along.

To enter: Please leave your answer to the giveaway question, making sure that you leave some way to contact you if you are the giveaway winner. One very simple way for me to get in touch if you do not belong to the services listed or have a blog/website of your own is to put the URL of your Ravelry Profile in the Name/URL fields, or mention your Ravelry name at the end of your comment.Entering the giveaway is extremely simple and completely free. All you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this post telling me what your like or dislike about September, or what September means to you. Please read the details of the giveaway below before submitting your answer as it contains information on how to make sure I can get in touch with you once the giveaway is over. Good Luck!

Who can enter: Anybody in the world, limited to one entry per person.

Closing date: September 15th at 11:59 GMT.

181 thoughts on “Giveaway (Free To Enter): Win Your Perfect 10 Patterns”

  • I love September. The days are a bit cooler, but not so cold that I have to get the winter jacket out yet. It means that I can knit something warmer and I won’t melt if I knit it outside.

    Ravelry ID, multicraftyguy

  • I love September because it means summer will actually be over soon and if there’s one thing I kind of hate, it’s summer (at least when I have to go out in it).

  • September is always a happy month for me. Weddings to attend, anniversaries to celebrate and plenty of handknits to wear as the days get cooler πŸ˜€

    Charlott3 on Ravelry πŸ™‚

  • Apparently, even though I’m not in school now (nor have kids starting school), September still means school to me, because I’ve been dreaming about the start of school, new classes, new living space; a different kind of renewal from spring’s.

  • I think I’m a bit like you. September represents the beginning of fall and, as the beginning of fall, certain things start happening (including all the apple smells and cooler weather). I also love the changing of the seasons, not that I get to see it much here in California.

    (renny1780 on Ravelry)

  • September is many things: a return to School schedules, the final blasts of summer heat, the promise of a long “Indian Summer” (I’m nothing if not hopeful) and plans for more time with extended family, as things quiet down some. I love September.

    Rav: lizandrsn

  • September has always been my favourite month. it represents new beginnings for me, a new school year, although I’m 29 and haven’t been to school in years and I love fall over every other season.
    Also, Sept 21 is my husband’s birthday, a friend’s birthday and Mabon, a pagan celebration.
    And most of all, I love the weather. I strongly dislike warmth and sun, so the reduced strength of the sun and much less sun hours everyday is ideal for me. I love taking a long walk with my dog and hubbie watching the leaves in browns, reds and oranges, while kicking up crispy leaves and wearing a nice, soft, cosy scarf and mittens.

    I love your give away! Thank you for the opportunity to win your lovely patterns!

    Lisa (Moonshine9 on Ravelry)

  • I love September. It’s my (11th) wedding anniversary, and my husband’s birthday. It means fall is coming up (my favorite season), and Halloween is just around the corner!

    It means Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks! πŸ˜€ I’m so ready for September this year! Γ’β„’Β₯

    Julie (Duckfiend on Ravelry)

  • September is when things start to cool down and I’m not sweating all the time! I might need to throw on a light sweatshirt at night. We leave the windows open to sleep; no more AC. It’s time to start drinking dark beers again! All those shawls I knit finally come in handy. πŸ™‚ And I’m with Contessa, pumpkin coffee!

    (StormCoast on Rav)

  • In September I like the fact that I will be able to wear wooly jumpers and tights again and nobody will find that too odd. It’s time to plant spring bulbs as well, and I really like the potential of that. I dislike the fact that it is the end of summer and the visitor centre where I volunteer will shut its doors for the winter.

    I’m annecordelia on ravelry.

  • I don’t like September usually, I don’t like the nights drawing in and the chill re-appearing in the mornings. Mainly I don’t like that is is the harbinger of winter :’-(

  • I like September becos it feels like a fresh start to me – school begins, the world readies itself for winter slumber. People may consider January the start of a new year, but I’m glad that September gives me a second chance to start something new.

    Also, my big kid’s bday is in September, making the month extra special. πŸ™‚

    Jules (k1k2 on rav)

  • I love September – autumn is my favourite time of year, and here in Wales, the leaves are just starting to turn. It promises some of my favourite things – woolly jumpers, hot stews and soups, crisp woodland walks. This September is also the month before my wedding (at the start of October) – I’m going to do my best to enjoy the last few weeks of preparations!

    Melanie (orbitingstar on Ravelry)

  • I like that September is a return to normal routines. I don’t like that it’s still hot here. I feel like September is when the heat finally gets to me, and I’m wondering when it will end.

    I’m ekcj0709 on Ravelry

  • September is my birthday month. I love changing colour from the leaves and the sound of it.

    ravelry ID: deborahh

  • i love September the fruit on my apple trees are ready for picking the days are getting shorter ready for Autumn and spinning and knitting or crochet larger projects becomes the norm again πŸ™‚

    A lovely give away and good luck everyone x
    Woolytanis on Rav

  • I love September because it is the start of the fall season and the start of a whole new season of fresh vegetables and fruits to get ready for the crisp evenings.

    sisterrobinson on rav

  • September to me has always been about friends. Labor day camping, Renfest Weekends, bonfires and road trips.

    I love the coziness of fall and September is that wonderful transition month where the days are warm and the nights are cool.

    Kittenkraft79 on Ravelry

  • I love September because that means that soon the heat will be dying down. It doesn’t actually get cold here until Dec/Jan, but by Sept the days of 100+ degree days are a thing of the past.

    TiggerKnitter on Ravelry

  • Cool nights and being able to throw open the windows when I sleep. Being able to spend time out of doors without getting overheated as I have a chronic illness that means I can’t be out in the heat…also it becomes “big project time” and it’s cool enough to work on sweaters and afghans comfortably.

  • September? I love the apples, the cool nights, and the back-to-school sales.

    I also LOVE that Trilobite pattern and plan on getting it whether or not I win the giveaway!

    Rubenesque (on Ravelry)

  • September means the start of school (even though I’ve long finished my degree, I love seeing the back-to-school supplies in the stores) and the change to fall. I love the cooler weather, and I always look forward to my allergies calming down. Most importantly, though, September means birthdays! My sister and I both have September birthdays–she is the 29th and I am the 15th! I love having my birthday in the exact middle (at least numerically) and she likes that her date of birth is 09-29-90. Plus fall means big sweaters and tall boots, and I am a big fan!

    (The first time I forgot my Rav name, k8sx!)

  • I love September because its fall!! Starbucks has the pumpkin spice latte out, the weather is more manageable, leaves start to turn different colours, and bigger/warmer knitting projects πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Thank you or the chance!
    mvink on ravelry

  • Wow! This is an amazing giveaway, Mimi! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win your patterns.

    September is a special month for me because my wedding anniversary is September 10th and my oldest son’s birthday is September 12th. I have a host of good friends who celebrate birthdays this month as well.

    Thanks again!
    SelbyIN on ravelry

  • Wow! This is an amazing giveaway, Mimi! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win your patterns.

    September is a special month for me because my wedding anniversary is September 10th and my oldest son’s birthday is September 12th. I have a host of good friends who celebrate birthdays this month as well.

    Thanks again!
    SelbyIN on ravelry

  • I’ve always loved fall, but September is special to me because it’s when my son was born. As a matter of fact, this contest ends on his 4th birthday!

    (I’m reedsandstrings on Ravelry.)

  • My September is – getting ready for school, the month I met my husband-to-be, lots of family members BDs, cooler nights, vacation, and the beginning of gorgeous Fall colors to show.
    Not so cool – Summer is over!

  • What a great giveaway! I am always conflicted about September, it feels a little sad because the Summer in on the wane and there is a chill in the air as the nights draw in. But this is also a sense of looking forward to the changing on the season and the coming of Autumn and the wearing of woollies!

    I’m Stitched-Together on Rav.

  • i love September. harvesting, beautiful skies, vibrant colours, crisp air, good food, warm knits, new books, back to school…and shamelessly starting a new wooly project. fall is my second favorite season. winter is my first. i’ve always liked cold over hot.

    wonderful giveaway. thanks!

    pagecsa on Rav πŸ™‚

  • I love September because I can start decorating my house for fall. I like to collect pumpkins and pine cones and fallen leaves and come up with all sorts of creations. πŸ™‚ I’m nanetteb on Ravelry.

  • September has always meant a return to school for me, although this year it doesn’t. Instead of a new school year, I shall be going off to Japan! I guess September is a season of change for me.

    RavID: terraki

  • September has always flown under the radar for me, but I now have a good reason to love it: It’s the second half of my wedding anniversary (got married at the beginning of august, held a ceremony for family in the middle of September)!

    Thank you πŸ™‚
    Pamplepoo @ Ravelry

  • September always means “back to school” for me! The beginning of September is traditionally when all levels of education resume their classes/studies after the summer break.

    Thanks for the contest give away.
    “Twizzler” on Ravelry

  • I love September as it also means back to school for me as I am a teacher…back to a structured day and of course being able to wear hand knit sweaters : )
    Ravid: Woolercoaster

  • September? Big dislike. Mostly I lament summer’s farewell (we wait so long for it to arrive to Canada’s east coast). And while I enjoy crisp fall mornings, sweaters and woolen socks, I dread winter’s cold bite, especially winter driving. Perhaps more woolen socks will temper my sense of loss… πŸ˜‰

    Great giveaway!
    acrylic-girl on Rav

  • This year September represents the end of my vacation, lol. Tomorrow will be my first workday after 3 weeks of vacation and I’m not really looking forward to it ;-).

    In general however, for me September is the beginning of autumn. The days start to shorten, the temperature starts to drop, but September can still bring beautiful sunny days. Nothing more peaceful than a September walk in a forest with a low hanging sun illuminating the red, orange and yellow leaves. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for this amazing give-away!

    Charlotte (Charami on Ravelry)

  • it isn’t original, but – yes – September is the start of the New Year for me too, and I find myself in the school supplies aisles – mostly looking for blank books to use as knitting journals – let’s see, I think I have at least 50 blanks to use up now – maybe I better get knitting, instead? I’m jknits2 on Ravelry

  • My favorite thing about September is that autumn begins and I can finally start wearing woolen goods! I love the beauty of trees shedding their coats of yellows, reds, browns, and purples and the balmy breeze that brushes your face as you walk upon carpets of crunchy leaves. It’s my favorite season. Thank you for the giveaway. πŸ™‚ My Rav ID is amigoodness.

  • I love September because it means fall is on the way. I really enjoy watching the leaves change and decorating with gourds and pumpkins.

    I’m vernalequinox on Ravelry.

  • What a treat. Your generous giveaway is an incentive to try your patterns.

    Here’s my wish list: Mrs. Tumnus, Awesome Hat, Lateral Mitts. Dextrous Mitte, Flutter Butterfly Mittens, Gnomey Hat,Birchwood Mitts, Trilobite, Birchwood Mitts and Nympheas Scarf

    If I should be lucky and win, contact me at

  • I always loved September in the north when nights got a little cooler and the leaves begin to turn. It’s the best time to go for walks in the woods.

    Purlescence on Ravelry πŸ™‚

  • The COLOR!!!! We live in the Midwest and there is no area that can match the colors of our world during September. OK, I may be biased just a little. I often think I am going to take a leaf from each tree along the road side and use them to match yarns, fabrics, etc. to create something beautiful. Alas, I have yet to take the plunge. Maybe this year?
    braeburnknitter on Rav

  • September here means the opposite to most of the answers here, as it means Spring, so the days are warming up slightly & flower buds are coming through, & everyone has an extra bounce in their step as the days are getting longer again. With spring & flower blossoms brings the dreaded hayfever for me, which can be a pain sometimes, but I do enjoy seeing the flowers though! πŸ˜€
    What an awesome giveway too!!

    9crafty11 on Ravelry

  • September is the month of weddings in my family, always seems to be at least one wedding every year. I don’t especially like going to weddings…. but the dress shopping is fun! And if the shop is in a pretty locale with lots of just turning trees and a café with fresh hot apple cider donuts??? Perfection!!!

    Lindacee on Ravelry

  • I love September because it means autumn is coming! My favorite season!! I live in napa valley, and watching the vineyards change colors is really magical.
    Sarahwiggin. On ravelry

  • September is a bittersweet month for me too. I’m still in school, so it’s the end of summer, but the beginning of a new school year which is always exciting.

    Ravelry: einahpets65

  • This year, September means Summer! I have extended my summer because I’m not done yet! Still have some kayaking and a beach trip with the kids to fit in. Some outdoor cafe times and gardening to do still, too!

    More realistically, September is always back to homeschool for us. We gear up with organizing and planning and by the end of the month, a regular schedule is in full swing.

    I love our slow slide out of summer!

  • September is always a time for reflection. Kids back to school, the ending of summer, planning for the cold months, etc.

    What an exciting and unique idea for a giveaway. Thank you!

    NanaMamah on Rav

  • September means fall is around the corner…I love fall…fall colors like rusts/browns/yellows/reds…the color of the changing leaves, pumpkins that will soon be ready. My favorite fruit is apples and ginger gold apples will be ready in my area! The air is crisp and sweet…different from spring and the evenings can be brisk so that knitted garments can be worn! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. My rav name is deejjtq

  • Ah, September. In my youth, it used to be when school began–a time of dread. Now that my retirement job is a beloved job to tutor math at a community college, it means new students I hope I can mentor so they can learn to learn.

    From my long-ago junior high school (now middle school class) French class, I always mix up the rhyme and start it with September instead of November. But I still recite it when wondering how many days there are in a month. Here it is in the original:

    Les mois
    Trente jours ont novembre,
    Avril, juin et septembre;
    De vingt-huit est février;
    Trente et un ont janvier
    Et mars, et août et mai,
    Décembre, octobre et juillet

  • Ah, September. In my youth, it used to be when school began–a time of dread. Now that my retirement job is a beloved job to tutor math at a community college, it means new students I hope I can mentor so they can learn to learn.

    From my long-ago junior high school (now middle school class) French class, I always mix up the rhyme and start it with September instead of November. But I still recite it when wondering how many days there are in a month. Here it is in the original:

    Les mois
    Trente jours ont novembre,
    Avril, juin et septembre;
    De vingt-huit est février;
    Trente et un ont janvier
    Et mars, et août et mai,
    Décembre, octobre et juillet

  • I don’t like September….it bums me out. It means the weather will start getting cold, the days will start getting shorter, I have to get up early because the kids start school AND my knitting fund goes kablooey because of all the school expenses. ……the only good thing is I can start wearing my fun wooly things again. ^^

    Thank you for doing this giveaway! Rav ID is DeliriousMahmi

  • I have a love/hate relationship with September. The days are getting shorter and the rains will be here soon, but most days are still sunny and warm. So I savor the sunshine while dreading the coming gloom. Plus, OFFF!!! (Oregon Flock and Fiber Festitval)

    SheilaOKeefe on Rav

  • I love September because it marks the start of Autumn. Autumn is my favourite season, still warm in the day, but with no hayfever. The colours starting to creep into the trees. And of course, evenings cool enough to knit whatever you want!

    TheFarrago on Ravelry

  • I have very mixed feelings about September. It is both a nice month, and I desperatley spend as much time outdoor as possible (before it is too cold), and a depressing one: people are back from holidays, roads get crowdy, etc…

    Claire, AKA Pouzpouz on Ravelry

  • even though i finished school long, long ago, september will always feel like new beginnings. the only thing that’s changed is now i’m happy when it comes, because it means the summer heat will start fading away – i can’t function over 20ΒΊ!

    ravelry: adharita

  • I always disliked September as a child as it signalled the end of summer and freedom. As I got older, I started to appreciate September’s mellow temperatures, the bitter-sweet sadness of Nature’s retreat, the hint of vibrant colours to come in October on trees. September was my Mother’s Birthday month and also the month in which she died two years ago. To me now, it means memories, both happy and sad and a time to celebrate and remember all she left behind – starting me knitting for one!

  • I like and dislike the same thing about September..I am an elementary (primary) September means back to work..summer is over…but it also means Back To Work! A great new school year begins…and it’s always filled with so many possibilities!

  • I love September weather-nice dry air and just staring to get cool. The leaves changing is one of my favorite things as well! Being a teacher means it’s the beginning of things and time to start new routines!
    Lee (mamagiff on ravelry)

  • September is so full of change! I love it! It starts out as summer and ends as fall, and we get to bring out some sweaters. I still work in a college town, so the back-to-school environment is refreshing too!

    culabrat on ravelry

  • I love September weather. As the days get cooler I can wear a sweater and a pair of corduroy pants and I feel all cuddly.

    Pdkeller on Ravelry

  • I love fall and all the changes it brings. the cooler days, the colored leaves and the knit accessories – you know mittens socks and scarves in fabulous wool.
    love your patterns
    mjm on ravelry

  • To me September means the time of year when the students return to campus and clog up everything. I live in a college town so without the students I wouldn’t have a job and really, I do like them, but summers are so nice with a smaller population to deal with.


  • Love the patterns – thanks for the giveaway!

    September is a new beginning for us – my husband and I are retiring and moving to a new state! Can’t wait to see the fall color in the mountains.

    I’m knotanother1 on Ravelry.

  • September is definitively not my favourite month, it means that you have to go back to work for real (in Portugal August is pretty much the holiday month for everyone) and there is still good weather outside (unmotivating) and its too hot for knitting… Thank you for the giveaway! Rav: iribeiro

  • September to me means counting my blessings. A year ago on Wednesday, I met the most amazing man who has totally transformed my life in every way. He appreciates the littlest things I do for him, his eyes don’t glaze over when I talk about knitting, and he professes that he would wear a fluorescent pink jumper if I had taken the time to knit it for him, and best of all he loves me despite my large wobbly belly, my stretch marks, my sometimes grumpy nature, and my obsessively worrying about everything brain. I am so so lucky, and I know it. So, September … celebrating the good in my life.


  • I am rather fond of the month of September. My sisters birthday is this month, the public schools start this month, which leave all the neighborhood kids out of my hair for a while.
    September begets the change in the leaves, and in the air, which clue me in that autumn will begin!


  • I love September because it always feels like the start of a new year. I thought I’d stop feeling this way after finishing University but it still happens so I’ll just have to embrace it!

    That slight chill in the air, nights drawing in and the thrill of finding discount stationary when the kids have gone back to school!

  • I love September for the warm days and cool nights. I also love taking our kids shopping for school supplies – I invariably end up buying myself a new notebook for my knitting ideas.
    emhknits on ravelry

  • I love the smell of fall air…and the leaves changing color. September is great because I can start wearing all my knitted items that have been packed away all summer, and new ones I have made over the spring & summer months.

    Bring on the cold weather! (I know, I am weird…I actually love winter!)

    Alice aka wintersoup on Rav

  • To me, September signals the beginning of all sorts of new things like school and changing seasons! I love the Indian summer that usually comes in mid to late September as well. Cookouts, camping, crunching leaves…and more! πŸ™‚
    MamaLemon on Ravelry

  • Amazing giveaway,and one year durable-wonderful.I love September because is cooler already,I can enjoy roasted chestnuts,wear hats and boots(not yet =o) ) but now also better sweat September since my little girl start school and I am little happy/said.

  • September has the best of everything in my opinion! The best desserts (apple pies, rhubard is in season), the best weather (sunny with a chill? Yes please.), the best colours (I shouldn’t have to specify, but they’re so beautiful, I will – Cranberry reds, burnt umber, ochre, deep earth brown, forest green…), the best holidays (okay, so technically, back to school isn’t a holiday – but it depends on who’s getting the break!) and the best smells. And the fact that it may be, depending on where you live, finally the right time to break out the heavier knits.. well. I am simply not complaining! – Addie.

    Rav: maeveae

  • September is one of my favorite months! Fall colors, cooler weather, leaves crunching….. Oh, it’s just great! Also, I seem to have a lot of events in September to look forward to, dog shows and friends over, it’s so much fun πŸ™‚

  • I always greet September with a sigh of relief and welcome – cooler weather = comfortable knitting weather. Start of holiday season and family visits. And can’t beat that it starts with my birthday πŸ˜‰

    lovechild on Rav

  • Along the line of smoky hills
    The crimson forest stands,
    And all the day the blue-jay calls
    Throughout the autumn land.

    Now by the brook the maple leans
    With all his glory spread,
    And all the sumachs on the hill
    Have turned their green to red.
    bu W.W. Campbell
    What a beautiful time of year. The air is changing and so is nature. One last blaze of glory before a long rest. There are so many inspiring ,rich colours to spark our creative juices and our fingers to knit something special for this magnificent season of the year.
    cj240 on Ravelry

  • For me, September means back to school (I work there rather than study there) and the end of summer freedoms. Soon the nights will be closing in and we start the downhill run to midwinter; I want to cling to the last remnants of summer for as long as I can.

    On Ravelry, I’m fairyhedgehogg

  • To me September is beginnings. More so than the new year, and mostly I attribute this to all the formative years when a new school year started in September. Also it means sweaters!

  • I love September because it starts getting cooler and is nice for running and for knitting (although not at the same time!)

    I’m Globalite on Ravelry

  • September is the first month of spring in Australia. The sun is out, the birds are singing, the trees are in blossom and it’s pretty hard to find anything that isn’t perfect in the world at the moment.

    Ozifarmer on Rav.

  • September is my favorite month in New Mexico. It’s cooler, the temperature slowly start to drop and all the colors deepen. It smells so good, especially the chilies being roasted at all the local markets.
    Thanks for the chance to win your lovely patterns.

    rav id = gurunam

  • I like september because it gives me a new start. And itΒ΄s the best season of the year, because itΒ΄s when the knitting season starts for me.

    IΒ΄m SAD on Ravelry

  • This year, September to me means the start of my very last semester of nursing school!! By the time December rolls around, 4 long years of studying will be done, and I will be a registered nurse. So excited!!

    (knitmish on Ravelry)

  • September means a quiet house again. The kids are in school and I can work without hearing constant fighting and crashes from the rest of the house.
    September has always been about new starts, and more recently has been the month I start wearing wool socks again.

  • September means that summer fun is coming to a close again, and usually I cry. Summers are so short here in Oregon, yet so full of things to do. I love to swim in our Illinois River. I enjoy those 90 degree days. Music Festivals, campouts, drum circles around bonfires, outdoor concerts, treehouses/ziplines, rafting…. all are packed into 3 short months. Then, it begins… the nights get cooler, the daytime temps drop into the 70’s and swimming time is over for another 9 months. It’s as if summer must be gestated and birthed each year.

    September means that it’s time to start planning and creating all of those winter projects… and prepare for “hibernation” for the rainy season. Don’t get me wrong – if you live in Southern Oregon, you eventually forget about the umbrella and just risk that you aren’t as evil as the Wicked Witch of the West (“I’m melting… melting… what a world.. what a world”) and get out there in it to do what ever it is that you need to get done. It means that the sandals will soon be in the underbed storage.. and the boots come out to play.

    I love transition, and it can be seen demonstrated every year when the leaves prepare to fall. September is all about transition.

  • Despite always being a little sad that summer is over when September starts I quite like September this year as I officially become a pensioner and get a bus pass and a pension and hopefully more time to knit! Judithknits on Ravelry

  • September makes me sad because my grandson goes back home and goes to school. He has been living here almost non-stop since June 10th and I miss him like an amputated limb.

    Ravelry ID is GramBam

  • I live in South America, so September for me is the month when Spring begins. I love the smell of Spring, you know, the day you get out of the house and suddenly, the air has changed and you feel that the season has changed.

    I’m Andreapgn on Ravelry πŸ˜€

  • I love September because it’s usually nice during the day and cooler (than in summer) at night. I love how the larches in our area start to turn yellow and orange.

    I’m Dutchgirl63 on Rav

  • Just as the leaves and weather transition into a new season starting in September (at least here in Northern New York), I transition into a new year of my life! For me, September is a season of new beginnings.

    Starseer79 on Ravelry

  • I love color of the leaves during this times of year. The burnt oranges, sienna reds, and chocolate burgundy leaves which fall to the lawn and create a beautiful bold world in the crisp of autumn.
    Nflux888 on

  • Wow, Mimi…wonderful giveaway!
    What I most love about autumn is that when I go to my lake house, all the loud power boats and ski-doos are packed away. They disappear in the US after Labor Day–almost totally–and we basically have the lake to ourselves, especially the early morning hours. It’s in the kayaks paddling quietly, watching the birds and other animals. Rav ID: Noreen1009. blog:

  • The cooler weather of September makes me feel like starting winter knitting. I also look forward to the changing colors of the trees. This September will also bring me my first grandchild!

    Vintagetailor on Ravelry

  • I know what I dislike about September; the traffic and crowded roads. It’s easy to get used to getting a seat on the bus in the morning or afternoon in the summer months when the kids are not in school. They’re still sleeping. Then Labour Day comes around in Canada and the next day is back to school. No more bus seats. No more quiet rides…

    And also, it’s a sign that winter is coming πŸ™

    Ravelry ID: monalee81

  • I live in Italy and I love September: the weather get cooler and the colors get warmer. And in September I go on vacation πŸ™‚

    Ravelry ID: Petula1

  • September is “Resolutions Month” for me, as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur roll around again. Every year in September I choose a theme for the next twelve months – this year’s theme is “Balance.” And even though I haven’t been in school for a long time, September will always be “back to school” months. I love feeling the autumn crispness in the mornings, knowing that soon the leaves will be changing, getting ready for evening fires and pumpkin beers. πŸ™‚

    Rav ID: KnittingPirate

  • I love September because my beloved school is starting that month (no joking, I love to learn math.)
    Thank you for the occasion. πŸ™‚
    Rav ID: Mithrillion

  • I love to pick wild mushrooms in September. The kids are back to school so the daily routine gets back to normal. And on chilly days I can start to wear knit socks and fingerless gloves. And maybe even a hat and a shawl or cardigan.

    I’m Stickfia at Ravelry

  • September for me is a special time when the jonquils and daffodils make a much anticipated arrival. It is when I can breathe in the warm air of spring and feel rejuvenated and fresh. It is an awakening of the spirit. September promises the return of sunny days and long balmy evenings:)

  • September means ragweed. Summer is still blazing here in Oklahoma, with highs in the upper 90’s or better, and the leaves are all turning brown with drought. However, everything else is shrouded in a fine yellow coating. Between weeds, grasses, the mold spore count (my arch-nemesis), and the trees that will bloom by the end of the month, September is one of my least favorite months. I swear, if not for yarn, asthma medicine, books, and readily available Vietnamese food, I’d go completely insane this time of year.

    I’m Seward on Rav, and much, much happier in winter. πŸ™‚

  • Sept is hard for me, as it is a time of trust and letting go. My son has Autism, and each new school year means a new teacher having to learn my son, his needs, etc. It’s challenging. But I get the reward of free time in my day (with kids away at school), so I try to embrace it. πŸ™‚

    I’m BrownChicken on Rav.

  • September is the busiest month of the year where I work so in some ways I dislike it, but on the flip side it means I appreciate my days off much more and tend to be more thoughtful about how I spend my free time.

    eriven on Ravelry
    p.s. fantastic idea for a giveaway!

  • I love September! September means back to school, first days of school, new clothes, fresh starts, harvests, change of the seasons, the end of the heat, the coming of crisp fall weather, getting ready to get out the scarves and hats and hoodies, the start of holiday knitting, getting ready for Halloween, knitting shawlettes, and because the kid is back in school — the time to do it all!

  • I love September because that means it’s almost fall! Which is my favorite season and also has my favorite holidays. Ahem, Halloween, ahem.
    I pretty much love everything that comes along with the fall season. Hehe. πŸ™‚

  • I love September – cool enough to start to need an extra layer of clothes but still warm. Oh and it’s the month my birthday falls in!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    I’m Helster on Ravelry
    Helen x

  • I love September because it feels more like the start of a new year than January. January symbolises bad weather and post-Christmas blues, but September is hopeful and fresh, with the promise of crisp sunny days and autumn colours. New school year means fresh uniforms and shiny shoes for the children, and excitement about the changes ahead. (2gr8kids on Ravelry)

  • I love to see the leaves slowly changing, September really brings a remarkable change to the landscape, and the light changes in the Autumn sun.
    Jo (freestylefibre on ravelry)

  • September is the beginning of the “birthday season” in my family. From Sept. 23 through Oct. 10, there are 5 birthdays: mine, my husband’s, my daughter’s, my mother’s, and one of my sister’s. My father’s birthday was also in the same period. By the way, I think your patterns are beautiful. I’m needle-and-hook on Ravelry.

  • September means turning your body and soul into winter-mode ( i live in Norway…). Putting those wooley socks back on, snuggle up in the sofa corner, kniting or reading. Totaly black outside of the window. Warm an cosy inside. Relaxing from an activ summertime, loading energy for the long winter season. I love September!

  • September, to me, is the return of the big yellow school buses, crunchy colorful leaves to shuffle through, hand knit socks on chilly feet in the morning, and harvesting from the garden. LOVE it!! jjlrdomom on ravelry (but also linked with google)

  • September means hedgrows full of blackberries, amazing colours appearing on the leaves ,sudden showers making pretty rainbowa and time to start the comforting woolly knits again !

    Roxyrana on Rav.

  • September is fresh. Fresh air, fresh figs, fresh resolutions. I love riding my bike and going to the beach, reading books and watching the sunset.
    asteride on Ravelry

  • I like September because the temps go down and the leaves turn making perfect days for walks in the woods.

    Ravelery Name: Sandee8908

  • September is my favorite month! It marks the beginning of autumn, with its beautiful red and golden treetops, and crunchy leaves blanketing the forest floor. I love awakening to the crisp morning air, the very *scent* of autumn, and the gorgeous sunrises, reserved for those who waken early enough. Our pumpkins, apples, and blackberries begin to ripen, and the house is always filled with the scents of baking pies and apple cider spices. School starts in September as well, giving me more time to wander in the woods, ride my beloved horses, bake, read, knit, and be a free country girl again!

    I’m SaraJenn on Ravelry

  • I love driving by all the bitty-kiddies waiting for busses with their ginormous backpacks–makes me all teary–so cute.
    babs707 on Ravelry

  • September is always nice because for me, it means Autumn will be here soon and I am indoors more with more time for knitting and less Summertime running around. I like September weather.

    StaceyKnitsIt ravelry

  • I love September, this month we celebrate our wedding anniversary.
    This year we will celebrate our 20th anniversary πŸ˜€

    (Cartucha on Ravelry)

  • I Like september because this month we celebrate our anniversary.
    This year we will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary πŸ˜€

    (Cartucha on Ravelry)

  • September is one of my favorites months. the crispness in the air, the cooler weather, and it always meant new clothes when I was in school. I love the smell of newly sharpened pencils, the changes in the trees and flowers, and that APPLES are finally ready to be eaten! Bring on windows wide open, cushy sweaters, and yes, it’s shawl weather too!

    Rav ID bareblueskin

  • Love/hate with September. Means the end of the golfing season is starting for my husband, who turns grumpy at the appearance of snow, I love the leaves but also do not like the snow, nor do I like the Christmas advertising starting it seems, after Labor Day. It means the holiday season, which means a lot of things to me, some of I like, some I don’t. Thus, love/ hate.

    Ravelry is debcquilts

  • I love and hate September. I love the beginning of autumn – the colours of leaves, a change in the light from the glaring sun of summer and the feeling of wanting to get cosy in the evenings. However, it’s my worst time of year at work which I dread coming from about the beginning of August. I really wish that I could have an untainted pleasure in the beginning of autumn, but alas it’s not to be.

  • I love September – back to school sales, cooler days and nights, sweaters, cuddling on the couch, changing trees, pumpkins and apple picking. About the only thing I don’t like is the shorter days.

  • September is the start of spring here in Australia. Who doesn’t love Spring? The flowers, the birds, the baby lambs (more yarn on its way) …. and the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Ideal knitting weather.

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